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President Obama showed up at Dover AFB with the White House Press Pool in tow to pose with flag-draped coffins delivering fallen warriors home to their families. Only one of the fifteen families allowed Obama his photo-op; the rest refused to co-operate.

George W. Bush honored these heroes and their families in private with respect and dignity. That is how Obama could have proceeded. Instead, he brought cameras and lights and MSM photogs to capture his poses. Liz Cheney contrasts the two approaches - one honorable, the other typically self-serving for Obama:

Friday, October 30, 2009


Lord Monckton Challenges Al Gore To An Internationally Televised Debate On Global Warming

No link yet, but it was a look-into-the-camera challenge from Lord Monckton to Gore, who refuses so far to accept the invitation. Or any others, for that matter.


Justice For Newsom And Christian

As chronicled in the Knox News.


Barack The Destroyer

Rush Limbaugh on today's intellectually insulting "jobs saved or created" bullshit from Obama spokesnitwit Robert Gibbs:
Mr. Gibbs, your boss has destroyed millions of jobs. Your boss Barack Obama has destroyed millions of small businesses. Your boss, Mr. Gibbs, and you are party to this because you promote this disaster; your boss has destroyed the lives of countless American families. What is this excrement about jobs saved or jobs created?

Barack Obama is destroying this economy. He's destroying management, he's destroying assembly lines, he's destroying opportunity, he's destroying hope. He's destroying liberty for future generations. He hasn't created or saved a damned thing. Barack Obama destroys. He destroys and destroys. The only jobs he has created are government jobs. He stole money just like Pelosi is stealing money. With no accountability, Obama is stealing money from the private sector and paying people to work for him so he can steal more.

This administration is engaging in unconstitutional acts: this country does not provide constitutionally for a "pay czar" to tell anybody what they can and cannot earn. This Constitution does not provide for the government to mandate its citizens buy anything.

He is destroying home ownership, he is destroying entrepreneurship, he is destroying the industrial heart of this nation; he is trying to destroy the military. Barack Obama creates nothing but havoc, unsettledness and angst and disheartenment.

Barack Obama is a Destroyer, not a creator. The only people saving and creating is us, the American people. The American people are doing everything they can to save their jobs. Small businesses are doing everything they can to hold on to their employees, maybe hire some more. The economic heart of this engine is its people, not Barack Obama. The intellectual heart of this nation is its people, not Barack Obama. The last, best hope of this nation is our people; it is not Barack Obama. Barack Obama is an obstacle in the way of the people who make this country work, and it is an insult to my intelligence, it is audacious for this man and his administration to be putting out fraudulent, phony numbers about the number of jobs HE has "created or saved". We have lost three point three million jobs since Barack Obama was inaugurated... it is bad and getting worse precisely because of what Obama has done.


Quote Of The Day

Scott Johnson at Power Line:
It is perfectly fitting that the signal diplomatic triumph of President Obama's first year in office is the restoration to power of the lawfully deposed Honduran thug and friend of Fidel Castro, Daniel Ortega and Hugh Chavez. It is inimical to the national interest of the United States. It is a setback for the supporters of democracy in the beleaguered country of Honduras. And it is a defeat for those who believe in the rule of law. It is, in other words, a triumph of "smart diplomacy."

Thursday, October 29, 2009


The Congressman, The Weasel And America's Anchorman

Rep. Steve King goes after NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell for his bigoted defamation of Rush Limbaugh:

Rush's response:

Of course, Goodell's a total weasel. He had no answer about the Dolphins' owners so wouldn't even address the question, and he got on his high horse about how McNabb is a fine player and a fine person and it has nothing to do with the color of his skin, when I (a) never said he was not a fine person; (b) never said he was a bad QB -- just that he was overrated (which no one should deny); and (c) said the MEDIA was obsessed with the color of his skin (which is also undeniable), not that I was.

I RESPECT Donovan McNabb, as I do all the elite athletes qualified to play in the NFL. I'd love to have a beer with him and discuss football. My job on the ESPN pre-game show was to disagree with the panel when I did. The production meeting the day before the show featured two segments on McNabb and the Eagles. The focus of BOTH segments was, "What's wrong with McNabb?" My thought was that not that much was wrong, that the Eagles defense was not getting sufficient credit, and that I thought the media was hyping McNabb for my stated reasons.

Like every other high-profile Limbaugh critic, when pressed Goodell is forced to admit that he knows little to nothing of what he speaks. No surprise, as anyone who listens to Rush regularly knows that every single last charge made against him in this fiasco was a complete fabrication except for the McNabb matter, which was instead a complete distortion.

While Rush Limbaugh has never needed anyone to defend him from idiots like Goodell, it is refreshing to see Rep. King take Goodell to task in the matter because, frankly, the Commissioner of the National Football League ought to know better.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


The New Obama Ministry Of Propaganda

It's called the Democrat-media complex and it's completely in the bag for Obama, as chronicled at Andrew Breitbart's Big Hollywood.

ObamaVision: What (4th Place) CNN Chose Not to Report
LEAKED NETWORK MEMO REVEALS: Obama Controls Your Television Set
Search and Ye Shall Find…Left-Wing Advocacy or Serf.dom?
List of ‘Organically’ Created iParticipate Television Programs


Sowell On Obama: Dismantling America

Thomas Sowell has written a withering attack of Obama's campaign to tear down the economic, constitutional and governing structure of America in service to his "progressive" vision. In "Dismantling America", Sowell asks the obvious questions that just a year ago would have seemed unthinkable to most Americans:

Just one year ago, would you have believed that an unelected government official, not even a Cabinet member confirmed by the Senate but simply one of the many "czars" appointed by the President, could arbitrarily cut the pay of executives in private businesses by 50 percent or 90 percent?

Did you think that another "czar" would be talking about restricting talk radio? That there would be plans afloat to subsidize newspapers-- that is, to create a situation where some newspapers' survival would depend on the government liking what they publish?

Did you imagine that anyone would even be talking about having a panel of so-called "experts" deciding who could and could not get life-saving medical treatments?

Scary as that is from a medical standpoint, it is also chilling from the standpoint of freedom. If you have a mother who needs a heart operation or a child with some dire medical condition, how free would you feel to speak out against an administration that has the power to make life and death decisions about your loved ones?

Does any of this sound like America?

How about a federal agency giving school children material to enlist them on the side of the president? Merely being assigned to sing his praises in class is apparently not enough.

How about a national police force led entirely by Obama's personal appointees, radicals whose contempt for America and all it represents would no doubt closely resemble those of Obama's other close associates?
Barack Obama has not only said that he is out to "change the United States of America," the people he has been associated with for years have expressed in words and deeds their hostility to the values, the principles and the people of this country.

Jeremiah Wright said it with words: "God damn America!" Bill Ayers said it with bombs that he planted. Community activist goons have said it with their contempt for the rights of other people.

Among the people appointed as czars by President Obama have been people who have praised enemy dictators like Mao, who have seen the public schools as places to promote sexual practices contrary to the values of most Americans, to a captive audience of children.

Those who say that the Obama administration should have investigated those people more thoroughly before appointing them are missing the point completely. Why should we assume that Barack Obama didn't know what such people were like, when he has been associating with precisely these kinds of people for decades before he reached the White House?

Nothing is more consistent with his lifelong patterns than putting such people in government-- people who reject American values, resent Americans in general and successful Americans in particular, as well as resenting America's influence in the world.

Read it all.


Obama Cranks Up His Attack On Free Speech

The Good Michelle has been watching the Obama machine mount its war on free speech by organizing a church-based campaign against conservative opinion and redefining it as "hate speech". The war room of Obama's attack on the First Amendment is none other than the race-baiting, Jew-bashing Reverend Jeremiah Wright's notorious United Church of Christ. In her Creators' Syndicate column today Michelle Malkin writes:
The war on conservative speech has moved from the White House to your neighborhood pews. Left-wing church leaders want the Federal Communications Commission to crack down on “hate speech” over cable TV and right-leaning talk radio airwaves. President Obama’s speech-stifling bureaucrats seem all too happy to oblige.

Over the past week, an outfit called “So We Might See” has conducted a nationwide fast to protest “media violence” – specifically, “anti-immigrant hate speech, which employs flawed arguments to appeal to fears rather than facts.” Their ire is currently aimed at Fox News and conservative talk show giants. But how long before they target ordinary citizens who call in to complain about the government’s systemic refusal to enforce federal sanctions on illegal alien employers or the bloody consequences of lax deportation policies?

The “interfaith coalition for media justice” is led by the United Church of Christ. Yes, that’s the same church of Obama’s race-baiting, Jew-bashing ex-pastor Jeremiah Wright. Other members include the Presbyterian News Service, the Evangelical Lutheran Church, and the National Council of Churches. (The US Conference of Catholic Bishops has denied being a part of the campaign, despite being listed as a coalition member. So has the Methodist church.) These religious liberals have partnered with the National Hispanic Media Coalition, which filed a petition in January demanding that the FCC collect data, seek public comment, and “explore options” for combating “hate speech” from staunch critics of illegal immigration.
Other players are familiar to those of us who have been watching the left press its totalitarian agenda against free speech, most notably George Soros, the euphamistically-named Center For American Progress, Obama's "diversity czar" Mark Lloyd and Obama FCC Commissioner Michael J. Copps, who just last week exhorted the congregation at New York's United Church of Christ Riverside to take action on "media reform", the Orwellian label now masking Obama's attack on free speech in America.

As Malkin points out, however, there are a few holes in the campaign:
No word on when they’ll be launching an inquiry into the fear-based, fact-free “hate speech” from the mouth of Florida Democrat Rep. Alan Grayson, who accused Republicans of wanting sick patients to “die quickly,” likened health care problems to the “Holocaust,” and attacked an adviser to Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke as a “K Street whore.”

Or when they’ll be going after MSNBC and Air America radio hate-mongers who have openly wished on their airwaves for the deaths of George W. Bush, Rush Limbaugh, and Glenn Beck.

But I digress. In the age of Obama, the targets of left-wing hate speech don’t have a prayer.
In other news, the Taliban and al Qaeda in Afghanistan are still safe.


Reaganism Lives On

On October 27 1965, Ronald Reagan delivered his classic "Rendezvous With Destiny" speech, a timeless conservative manifesto whose reasoning and clarity have withstood the passage of time and all the left's assaults on freedom.


Krauthammer To Obama: Stop Whining, Punk

Jim Vicevich at Radio Vice Online writes of this clip,
The subject is Afghanistan … but not the young President’s strategy. Krauthammer makes it very clear in his comments the President has every right to change his strategy … even pick a strategy. No, what Krauthammer calls childlike is Obama’s penchant for blaming everyone for his failures. To paraphrase Allahpundit at HotAir … hey, you ran on this war “chump”, you picked the strategy, this is your war to win or lose. Stop blaming your big brother.
Now this gem of erudition from The Hammer:


The Woe Of Government

Or Is That The "Woah"?

Bawney Fwank:
We aw twying on evwy fwunt to incwease da woe of guvamunt.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009



7.3 - Average number of U.S. military fatalities per month in Afghanistan during 7 years of the Bush Administration

27.5 - Average number of U.S. military fatalities per month in Afghanistan during 8 months of the Obama administration

0 - Number of Obama's daughters who have signed up to fight in Afghanistan

24 - Number of times President Bush played golf in almost three years in office (before deciding it was inappropriate for a wartime president)

24 - Number of times Obama has played golf in his first nine months in office (as a wartime president)

1,308,000,000,000 - Projected GDP dollars lost to Obama's Crap & Tax policies in next 21 years

4,000,000 - Projected job losses due to Obama's Crap & Tax policies

3,600,000,000,000 - Projected dollar cost of gas taxes under Obama's Crap & Tax policies

20 - Number of points by which Doug Hoffman leads Dede Scozzafava in NY23 election polls

5.3 - Percentage average national unemployment rate in President Bush's first term

7.8 - Percentage national unemployment rate in January 2009 when Obama promised his "stimulus" would cap it at 8 percent

9.8 - Percentage national unemployment rate in October 2009

2,500,000 - Number of jobs Obama promised to "save or create" through his "stimulus"

30,083 - Number of jobs "saved or created" by Obama's "stimulus"

3,600,000 - Number of jobs lost under Obama's "stimulus"

45 - Sheriff Joe Biden's average approval % rating after eight months in office

65 - Vice President Dick Cheney's approval % rating after one year in office

13,000,000,000 - Number of taxpayer dollars given to NY Fed while Turbo-Tax Tim Geithner was its chairman

11 - Number of points by which conservative Republican Robert McDonnell leads liberal Democrat Creigh Deeds in latest Virginia Gubernatorial polls

2 - Number of seconds it took Obama administration to blame Deeds for losing ground to McDonnell in Virginia

2.2 - Percentage of profit for health insurance companies demonized by Obama for their "excess profits"

1 - Number of Blue Dog Democrats calling Obama a liar (so far)

68 - Percent by which CNN's overall prime time ratings have fallen in the past year

79 - Percent by which CNN's "Cooper Anderson 365" has tanked in the same period

10.6 - Percent by which paying readership of liberal newspapers has dropped in the same period
9 - Number of months it has taken Obama to bloat the U.S. national budget deficit from 500 billion to potentially 2 trillion dollars

12 - Number of months until the conservative tsunami hits Washington full force



Sign of the times.


The Coming MSM Apocalypse

Via Don Surber

The Gathering Clouds: Fox Good, CNN Bad

What Americans say.

Fox is up 10% since Obama took his eyes off the ball in Afghanistan and stupidly declared a War of Choice on Fox News, and CNN with its insulting "teabaggers" routine is down a completely predictable and wholly just 68% in prime time in the last 12 months.

I repeat: CNN has lost almost 70 percent of its audience in the last 12 months.

That's how badly screwed these idiots are. That fact alone should tell them what's in store. You'd think they'd have learned from Air America but they didn't.

So the universe is unfolding as it should.

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Told You So

In Cheney Calls Out Obama On National Security, I recounted Dick Cheney's recent speech to the Center for Security Policy, in which Cheney "called out president Jugears on his disastrous national security moves, especially in Afghanistan." During the course of his speech Cheney exposed Obama and his cronies as liars who slandered the Bush White House by accusing them of dropping the ball in Afghanistan.

At the end of that post I predicted that the White House, stung by Cheney's revelation that they were a pack of liars, would respond with further falsehoods, and I was right. The Obama White House immediately sent spokesman Gibbs out to further slander Bush and Cheney, knowingly falsely accusing them of sitting on a request for troop increases there for over eight months.

But as the Weekly Standard's Stephen Hayes establishes (again) in his Obama's Minions Are Ingrates, Cheney was telling the truth and Obama's claims are demonstrably lies:

So there are two separate and very serious charges that Obama White House officials are making about their predecessors. First, that the Bush administration had no real Afghanistan policy and failed for eight years to ask the important questions about the war there. And second, that the Bush administration ignored requests from commanders on the ground to increase troops in Afghanistan...

In fact, the Bush administration did ask those questions. From mid-September to mid-November 2008, a National Security Council team, under the direction of General Doug Lute, conducted an exhaustive review of Afghanistan policy. The interagency group included high-ranking officials from the State Department, the National Security Council, the CIA, the office of the director of national intelligence, the office of the vice president, the Pentagon, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Its objective was to assess U.S. -policy on Afghanistan, integrating a simultaneous military review being conducted by CENTCOM, so as to present President Bush with a series of recommendations on how best to turn around the deteriorating situation there. The Lute group met often--sometimes twice daily--in a secure conference room in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building. (The group used the room so frequently that other national security working groups that had been meeting there were required to find other space including, occasionally, the White House Situation Room.)...

The Lute review asked many questions and provided exhaustive answers not only to President Bush, but also to the Obama transition team before the inauguration. "General Jones was briefed on the results of the Lute review, and that review answered many of the questions that Rahm Emanuel says were never asked," says Bush's national security adviser, Stephen Hadley. Jones and Hadley discussed the review, and Lute gave Jones a detailed PowerPoint presentation on his findings. Among the recommendations: a civilian surge of diplomats and other non-military personnel to the country, expedited training for the Afghan National Army, a strong emphasis on governance and credible elections, and, most important, a fully resourced counterinsurgency strategy.

Jones asked Hadley not to release the results of the Lute review so that his boss would have more flexibility when it came time to provide direction for the U.S. presence in Afghanistan. Bush officials reasoned that Obama was more likely to heed their advice if he could simply adopt their recommendations without having to acknowledge that they came from the Bush White House. So Hadley agreed.

"Mr. Emanuel either did not know about our review or chose to lie about it," says Eliot Cohen, who served as counselor to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and was one of the principal participants in the Lute review. Virtually nobody believes Emanuel is clueless. In any case, the author of the review, Doug Lute, remains a senior Afghanistan adviser in the Obama White House.

Perhaps more infuriating for Bush veterans was the suggestion by Gibbs that the Bush administration ignored requests for more troops. It's nonsense, they say. McKiernan wanted more troops--he asked for three additional brigades in the summer of 2008--but he understood that he could have them only when they became available. "McKiernan was making requests down the line," says a Pentagon official, "and late in 2008 we did have the ability to commit more forces. So we did." Indeed, Bush sent nearly 7,000 additional troops to Afghanistan before he left office, including one brigade that had been repurposed from Iraq.

One Bush veteran asks, "If it's true that the Bush administration sat on these troop requests for eight months, is the White House suggesting that the Pentagon was incompetent or negligent or both? That would be a good question to put to the defense secretary--and President Obama is in a position to make him talk."

There is more to Hayes' article, at the center of which is the all too predictable fact that Obama and his minions in the White House are still stuck in blaming George W. Bush for everything they possibly can, even when it can be proven that Bush did Obama's homework on Afghanistan for him, allowed him to take all the credit and left himself open to yet more Obama attacks on his character.

George W. Bush demonstrates tremendous respect for the office and its traditions by ignoring the pettiness by which Obama daily diminishes it, while in his defense of the former President Dick Cheney embodies loyalty to the man, the office and the truth.

Making Obama and all his minions look very petty indeed.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


No You Can't

Barack Obama took his first concrete shot at isolating Fox News today by attempting to shut the network out of a round of interviews between the White House press pool and his new so-called "Pay Czar" Kenneth Feinberg.

Soak that up: Obama calls out his network pals to intimidate a fellow American broadcaster from exercising its First Amendment rights.

In response to this outrage, the Washington bureau chiefs of the 5 networks sided with Fox. Faced with this revoltin' development, Obama was forced to back down, as all bullies do when their bluff is called.

It's refreshing to see the first evidence that the networks may, just may, be waking up to Obama's inner fascist. If that is so, he could be losing them just when he most needs their cover.

Uh Oh.


Do What You're Told

Here's a fun exercise: take a two-faced punk accustomed to having his fawning sycophants Do What They're Told, admonishing his fawning sycophants for Not Doing What They Are Told:

Add the indoctrination of innocent children into his legion of Innocent-Do-What-They're-Toldy-Things:

And you gotchyerself some of that sweet, sweet Obama-grade cult-figure statism.

Really, you'd think from his praise for all those "opinionated" Democrats in his audience that, instead of whining when Fox News refuses to Do What They're Told, Obama would congratulate Fox for also being "an opinionated bunch". Just kidding. In fact, he is actually chiding his own party for not toeing his line on Obamacare - so much for independent thinking, because His message to Dems really is to Do What You're Told.

From another angle, here's most of what Jay Nordlinger has to say on the idiot left's favorite conceit:

[Obama] speaks a lot differently — a lot more respectfully — when he has one of his big national addresses: Then, we’re not red states or blue states but the United States, blah, blah, blah. Well, which is the real O? The nice, inclusive guy or the sneering, contemptuous partisan? I vote the latter: I think it’s the real O, unfortunately: the one who speaks to Democrats in New York and San Francisco. But I am not much of a psychiatrist.

Republicans are people who do what they’re told? That reminded me: One of the reasons I left the Left, or became disenchanted with the Left, is that too many of them were like sheep, all herded up — scarcely thinking for themselves at all. They were wedded to dogma and political correctness. They did not dare to deviate — not in my environment.

I remember the kids when I was in college: They would just nod at everything their professors and teaching assistants said — and all those professors and TAs, of course, were on the left. The kids might have had a “Question Authority” bumper sticker somewhere. But they never did. They were awfully unquestioning. By their disposition, if it was in the New York Times, it was true. If it was in National Review, it was not true — plus, dangerous, crazy, racist, etc.

Most of the kids who really thought for themselves were right-leaning — and it cost them something to express their views. Cost them something in social acceptance, grades, and so on. I admired these guys, even before I joined their ranks.

By the way, which side imposed speech codes on campus? Liberals or conservatives? Not conservatives, that’s for sure. If liberals are such a noisy, rowdy, opinionated, pluralistic, uncontainable bunch — how come they’re for speech codes, for shutting down the other side?

Earlier this year, I gave a speech on the theme of “Question Authority.” Many people suggested I talk about questioning O-thority.

O’s New York commentary reminded me of the notorious Washington Post line, that conservative Christians are “largely poor, uneducated, and easy to command.” When you think about it, Obama has a pretty easy time commanding people — millions of them, including important people in media and academia. Including, almost, the Nobel Peace Prize Committee! But some of us, he cannot command — and he seems not to like or respect us all that much.

Long ago, I grew tired of the conceit that Democrats think for themselves, while the rest of us just take orders from some politburo composed of Rush, Fox, and whoever.

All my life I’ve heard Democrats quote an old Will Rogers line: “I belong to no organized party, I’m a Democrat.” Ha, ha, ha! Oh, aren’t we grand, we Democrats? We beautiful, smart, unorganizable Democrats! Well, Rogers may have had it right at one time; but in my own time, the Democrats have been a pretty disciplined bunch — and pretty ruthless, when it comes to dissent. When it comes to odd-men-out.

I have 30 more things to say, of course, but here’s one more: Do you recall President Bush insulting Democrats, as Obama has insulted us, explicitly? Sometimes our post-partisan president can be a rather nasty piece of work.

If you’re looking for a silver lining, here it is: This is as close as we’re ever likely to get to him admitting that his big problem on ObamaCare isn’t the nefarious — and powerless — GOP but those hardheaded, free-thinkin’ Blue Dogs who aren’t as eager as he is to toss another $900 billion in entitlements down the federal sinkhole. Thank heaven for small mercies.


Cheney Calls Out Obama On National Security

If the Obama White House thought FOX News was a problem, they must be reeling after Dick Cheney's barnburner of a speech tonight to the Center for Security Policy, in which Cheney called out president Jugears on his disastrous national security moves, especially in Afghanistan.

Cheney exposed Obama's rank dishonesty with the damning disclosure that Obama, Rahm Emmanuel and David Axelrod lied about having to develop an Afghanistan policy from scratch after being left nothing by the Bush administration, revealing that in truth, Bush and Cheney went to great lengths to prepare a full assessment with recommendations that included General McChrystal's COIN strategy adopted by Obama in March 2009 (emphasis mine):
Recently, President Obama's advisors have decided that it's easier to blame the Bush Administration than support our troops. This weekend they leveled a charge that cannot go unanswered. The President's chief of staff claimed that the Bush Administration hadn't asked any tough questions about Afghanistan, and he complained that the Obama Administration had to start from scratch to put together a strategy.

In the fall of 2008, fully aware of the need to meet new challenges being posed by the Taliban, we dug into every aspect of Afghanistan policy, assembling a team that repeatedly went into the country, reviewing options and recommendations, and briefing President-elect Obama's team. They asked us not to announce our findings publicly, and we agreed, giving them the benefit of our work and the benefit of the doubt. The new strategy they embraced in March, with a focus on counterinsurgency and an increase in the numbers of troops, bears a striking resemblance to the strategy we passed to them. They made a decision - a good one, I think - and sent a commander into the field to implement it.

Now they seem to be pulling back and blaming others for their failure to implement the strategy they embraced. It's time for President Obama to do what it takes to win a war he has repeatedly and rightly called a war of necessity.
But Cheney did not just expose Obama's lies to the American people. He also scorched Obama for purposely betraying longtime allies with the sure knowledge that it would damage America's credibility as a security partner for at least the remainder of his term in office.

Cheney hit that nail on the head with this damning passage:

Most anyone who is given responsibility in matters of national security quickly comes to appreciate the commitments and structures put in place by others who came before. You deploy a military force that was planned and funded by your predecessors. You inherit relationships with partners and obligations to allies that were first undertaken years and even generations earlier. With the authority you hold for a little while, you have great freedom of action. And whatever course you follow, the essential thing is always to keep commitments, and to leave no doubts about the credibility of your country’s word.

So among my other concerns about the drift of events under the present administration, I consider the abandonment of missile defense in Eastern Europe to be a strategic blunder and a breach of good faith.

It is certainly not a model of diplomacy when the leaders of Poland and the Czech Republic are informed of such a decision at the last minute in midnight phone calls. It took a long time and lot of political courage in those countries to arrange for our interceptor system in Poland and the radar system in the Czech Republic. Our Polish and Czech friends are entitled to wonder how strategic plans and promises years in the making could be dissolved, just like that – with apparently little, if any, consultation. Seventy years to the day after the Soviets invaded Poland, it was an odd way to mark the occasion.

You hardly have to go back to 1939 to understand why these countries desire – and thought they had – a close and trusting relationship with the United States. Only last year, the Russian Army moved into Georgia, under the orders of a man who regards the collapse of the Soviet Union as the greatest geopolitical disaster of the 20th century. Anybody who has spent much time in that part of the world knows what Vladimir Putin is up to. And those who try placating him, by conceding ground and accommodating his wishes, will get nothing in return but more trouble.

What did the Obama Administration get from Russia for its abandonment of Poland and the Czech Republic, and for its famous “Reset” button? Another deeply flawed election and continued Russian opposition to sanctioning Iran for its pursuit of nuclear weapons.

In the short of it, President Obama’s cancellation of America’s agreements with the Polish and Czech governments was a serious blow to the hopes and aspirations of millions of Europeans. For twenty years, these peoples have done nothing but strive to move closer to us, and to gain the opportunities and security that America offered. These are faithful friends and NATO allies, and they deserve better. The impact of making two NATO allies walk the plank won’t be felt only in Europe. Our friends throughout the world are watching and wondering whether America will abandon them as well.

Big events turn on the credibility of the United States – doing what we said we would do, and always defending our fundamental security interests. In that category belong the ongoing missions in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the need to counter the nuclear ambitions of the current regime in Iran.

No former American Vice President has so pointedly criticized his boss' successor, because no President has done so much wilful damage to America's security. In the years I have been watching American politics since Watergate, there has never been a worse president, worse even than Jimmy f'n Carter. No president in my lifetime has been more dishonest with the American people than Barack Obama, not even Richard Nixon. And there certainly has never been a president more hell-bent on destroying America as it is presently constituted.

It matters little how the White House responds to Cheney's charges. The point of the exercise is that Cheney has called Obama out (a tactic Obama himself holds in high regard) on every facet of his administration's carefully orchestrated attacks on national security and America's allies, forcing a response that must acknowledge those charges. My bet is that it will just involve more waffling and finger-pointing at the Bush administration, further bolstering Cheney's case.

Whatever ensues, the Cheneys have successfully focused national attention on Obama's war on the national security community and therefore on national security itself.

And despite the overwhelming power he abuses against his own country every day, Obama is completely unable to stop them.

Per K-Lo, If you miss adult leadership, watch here:

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Here's Yer Mop, Sonny Jim

Let's See Charlie Gibson Ignore This

The Weekly Standard has it that Dick Cheney is going to mop the floor tonight with Obama in a speech at the Center for Security Policy. The biggest hits are right up front over at the Standard.

This will no doubt set the idiots all a-drool, because they don't want Dick Cheney to even have the right to speak his mind. But this president is such a threat to the country and its citizens that Dick Cheney and others with similar eminence and authority must speak out.

So Obama likes the idea of "calling out" those who would dare oppose him? Well, I like the idea of "calling out" enemies of the United States, and Obama is today surely the most dangerous one of all.

HT: Ace

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Is Obama About To Break His Consitutional Oath?

He will if he signs away American sovereignty at the Copenhagen Conference, as Lord Christopher Monckton discusses in this startling video that has gone mad viral in the last 48 hours:

So at last, the communists who piled out of the Berlin Wall and into the environmental movement and took over Greenpeace, so that my friends who founded it left within a year because they'd captured it, now the apotheosis is at hand. They are about to impose a communist world government on the world. You have a president who has very strong sympathies with that point of view. He's going to sign. He'll sign anything. He has a Nobel peace prize; of course he'll sign.
That as Gordon Brown ridiculously asserts that the world has only 50 days left to save itself from mass self-destruction by the Big MILF. How pathetic can you get?

Monday, October 19, 2009


Stupid Power

Power Line has the story of how Iran has once again played Barack "Smart Power" Obama for a naive fool in front of the entire world.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


I Smell Fear

...the left's fear of free speech and the truth.

Free speech is a central principal of a free society, which is why it is under perennial attack by statists. Under the United States Constitution, the right to free speech is not diminished by wealth or success, nor is the loss of that right mitigated by them.

Doctor Zero writes in Defending The Invincible:

Much strife and misery has been visited on this country by the idea that the rights and prerogatives of the rich and successful are diminished by their fortunes… that we should feel no remorse about seizing their property, or insulting their honor, because they’ll still be comfortably rich at the end of the day. We have become much too relaxed about laughing off vile slander, because the target can nurse his wounded soul from the plush accommodations of a West Palm Beach mansion. Honor is as valuable to the millionaire as to the pauper...

...The events of the past week were about more than simply thwarting Limbaugh’s desire to buy into a football team. There was the naked greed of parasites like Al Sharpton, desperate to maintain his relevance in a world that has wisely stripped him of the power to destroy a man’s life with a phony rape allegation, or launch murderous riots. There was the blind personal hatred of Limbaugh, by people who long ago tired of watching him rewrite their plans for the part of America that refuses to submit to them. And, of course, this was the latest offensive in a bitter war against the ideas that Limbaugh has long served, as their most cheerful and effective defender. Limbaugh’s enemies in that war are angry because they’re frightened. They’re frightened because all of their estimates and projections said they should have been able to claim victory by now...

...Limbaugh’s accusers want him burned at the stake for the crime of effective conservatism, not the racism they were so eager to lie about last week. The American public should think long and hard about which side of this ideological struggle should be on trial. Rush Limbaugh’s ideas did not produce a titanic deficit, double-digit unemployment, and global adversaries who can barely stop laughing at our President long enough to pretend they respect him. His ideas did not put disciples of Saul Alinsky, Chairman Mao, and Alex Jones in positions of power. His words are not deployed to conceal hundreds of billions in stolen “stimulus” money, thousand-page Mad Lib bills riddled with blank paragraphs, and massive offenses against individual liberty. His EIB Network endorses $1500 Sleep Number beds, not “saved or created” jobs costing half a million bucks apiece. Unlike the “Hope and Change” Administration, he doesn’t spend his three hours on the radio each weekday listing all the things you will no longer be allowed to do. He is the champion of ideas so powerful that his enemies fear the merest taste of them.

Emphasis mine. Read it all.


Sharpton's Bluff

It has been fascinating watching Rush Limbaugh absorb the past week's ridiculous slanders and transcend the whole dirty lot. And now, bonus of all boni, the Reverend Al Sharpton is threatening to sue Limbaugh for something. Not sure what, but no matter.

I like this area very much.

Jammie Wearing Fool has the Comedy Gold
Ace has the real-life implications.


Under Miranda
You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to have an attorney present during questioning. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you. Do you understand these rights?

Under Obama
Shut up. If you don't shut up, we can and will use made-up and defamatory quotes against you in the court of public opinion. We’re also going to legislate your right to due process out of existence. In the meantime, if you cannot afford a million-dollar attorney, see ya -- wouldn't want to be ya. Do you understand we own you?

Sharpton is bluffing of course. There is no way on Earth to reasonably hope he is serious; it all has to do with a little problem called "discovery".

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Reality Dawns On Juan

Juan Williams Discovers Barack Hussein Obama's America - Mmm, Mmm, Mmm!

Fox News contributor Juan Williams has always struck me as a likable man, but one whose political judgement is hobbled by a level of naiveté that prevents him from fully appreciating the vitriolic hatred and intolerance that permeates the left.

That may have changed. After being told on the O'Reilly Factor by mouthbreathing racist prick Warren Ballantine to "go back to the porch", Williams seems finally to have recognized the black-hearted nastiness behind the left's politically-correct facade as employed by the Obama political machine.

The latest campaign to destroy Rush Limbaugh has put the left's hatemongering tactics in stark relief this past week. This appears to have awakened Williams to the reality of the situation, including the "revelation" (better late than never) that much of the character assassination levelled at Rush was engineered and directed from the Obama White House, causing Juan to declare with obvious surprise and exasperation,
Apparently it's okay to use these kinds of racial slurs, as long as you're defending what some consider the "politically correct" point of view!
As obvious as that has long been to Fox viewers, Tea Partiers, the 2 million who marched on 9/12 in Washington and literally millions more Americans, it is refreshing to see it finally dawn on Juan Williams, whose Road to Damascus moment is beautifully wrapped up in this Factor segment featuring Williams, Tammy Bruce and the Rev. Ken "Hutch" Hutcherson, who at the end welcomes Juan home from the wilderness.

HT: Johnny Dollar's Place


Quote Of The Day

From Mark Steyn's A Tale of Two Sound Bites:

Rush Limbaugh is so “divisive” that to get him fired leftie agitators have to invent racist soundbites to put in his mouth.

But the White House communications director is so un-divisive that she can be invited along to recommend Chairman Mao as a role model for America’s young.

Read it all (NSFI).

Friday, October 16, 2009


Obama's America: Leftist Lies And The War On Conservatism

The idiot left's ludicrous attacks on America's Anchorman have done exactly what we on the Right knew they would: exposed them for the umpteenth time as the pack of angry, spiteful little liars they really are. It always plays out the same way: in going after Rush, they bring to attention their own hypocrisy, bigotry, small-mindedness and rank dishonesty. And as usual, in the morning Rush's integrity is reaffirmed, while the idiot left again wakes to find itself still just as ugly and dishonest as ever.

At the core of this whole nasty business is the left's hatred of conservatism in America, a hatred so virulent that they feel justified in using any means to destroy liberty and personal freedom. Their attempts to bludgeon Rush with wholly fabricated charges of racism are meant to intimidate the opposition into silence, because they cannot defend their idiocy any other way than with bullying and lies. They can't win with philosophical arguments, because they don't sell in the marketplace of ideas. If they did, Air America wouldn't have tanked like, well, Air America; "liberal" newspapers, which is to say almost all of them, wouldn't be bleeding subscribers and a sea of red ink; Fox wouldn't be drawing more viewers at 3 AM than their whining competition does in primetime, fer chrissakes; their beloved Obama wouldn't have to stack his phony townhall meetings with white-jacketed Astroturfers and lie through his bright shiny teeth almost every time he opens his mouth, and ACORN wouldn't have to obfuscate its operations behind a thick veil of secrecy and chicanery.

How pervasive are the left's lies, you ask? Very. Let's peruse Rush's home page for just a small but very telling sampling:
The Truth About Jackson, Sharpton and CNN's Sanchez (with Sources)
History and background information on our accusers.
NYT '87: Jackson and Dr. King's Assassination
S&L: Sharpton's Million Dollar Shakedowns
Red State: CNN's Rick "DUI" Sanchez Ran a Man Down Then Fled the Scene. Hours Later, He Was Still Drunk. The Victim Later Died of His Injuries.
ABC: Jackson Fathers Child, Pays Off Mistress
Jake Tapper: Jackson's Anti-Semitic Quotes

Hey, that's just the beginning.

There's a whole lot more just today:

Fifteen Minutes of Truth Telling is Winning the Day...
Big Hollywood: NFL Owners Who Use the N-Word and Wet Their Pants on Stage
Jack Cahill, American Thinker: The NFL's Diversity Problem
Ralph Alter, American Thinker: The Search for the Wikipedia Libelist (Updated)
NY Post, Hondo: Struggling Hondo Keeps His Eyes on the Prize
David Limbaugh: This Isn't About Rush
NPR (Yes, NPR!): NFL Fumbles Limbaugh Bid
National Review, Spruiell: On Race, Rush Called It Right
Powerline: What's Divisive?
NY Post, Mushnick: Revs. Don't Always Rush to Judge
WSJ, Taranto: Fools Rush In. Can't They Demonize Limbaugh without Making Stuff Up?
NY Times: Limbaugh Discusses Ouster, Saying He Had Been "Cleared"
Ethel Fenig, American Thinker: What You Can Do to Protest
Joseph Ashby, American Thinker: Limbaugh Targeted by Obama
Hugh Hewitt: Roger Goodell and the New McCarthyism
Flashback: Soros Wasn't Cut from MLB/Nats Bidding in 2005
Investor's Business Daily Editorial: Stopping the Rush
MoltenThought: Punt the NFL
David Horowitz: Why Does the Left Have to Politicize Football?
National Review Editorial: Rush Rammed
PajamasMedia: Rush Denied NFL Ownership, Five Takeaway Lessons
Art Thiel, Seattle PI: NFL's Booting of Limbaugh a Bad Precedent
NFL Fanhouse: Limbaugh Couldn't Get Over the Humps
Tom Knott, Washington Times: Limbaugh Rejection is Simply Hypocrisy
Jeremy Trantham: NFL Gives Second Chances, Just Not to Limbaugh
Palm Beach Daily News: Rush Limbaugh Discovers All Clubs Not Equal
Wall Street Journal Editorial: The NFL Punts to Left-Wing Political Intimidation
AP/SI Runs Accurate Story! Limbaugh: Checketts Approached Me About Bid to Purchase Rams
Huffington Post Removes Some False Quotes from Jack Huberman Blog
CNN's Rick Sanchez Twitters Retraction (Man Up, Rick. Twitter Doesn't Count!)

It's a One-Man Tea Party.

Today Rush predicted that the left's next move will be to try and get him canned from judging the Miss America Pageant.

I can't wait.


Great News: White House Communications Director Anita Dunn Is A Self-Avowed Maoist UPDATED

Here's the overwhelming proof in all its stunning color:

Is there anyone in the Obama administration who isn't a fucking communist trying to stay below the American public's radar?

Anyone out there in Tingleupmylegland want to do their job yet?


Because to Rush, FOX, Hannity, Beck and their tens of millions of constituents, you are neither trusted nor relevant, as your pathetic numbers confirm.

How often have you heard a leftist idiot claim, after getting caught, that their honest utterances are "just a joke"? Well, sorry Anita, but professing admiration for one of the most detestable pigs in history, a psychopath responsible for ten to twelve times the number of murders committed by Adolf Hitler, is no "joke".

But trying to weasel your way out of fessing up to what you really believe now that the whole world is watching certainly demonstrates the entire left's inherent dishonesty.

The Good Michelle chronicles Anita Dunn's props as yet another Obama Commie.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


The Truth About Rush

Of all the repugnant things Rush Limbaugh is supposed to have uttered according to the past week's slanderfest against him, the world is still waiting to hear the incriminating excerpts captured from his show or other sources. Apparently, recordings of viciously racist, hateful and bigoted statements attributed by CNN, MSNBC, ESPN et al to the most carefully documented and closely scrutinized conservative figure of the past twenty years are nowhere to be found in the public record.

It's like they were a complete fabrication or something.

Let's hear from some of Rush Limbaugh's shameless apologists.

Arab-hater Mark Steyn:
Can anyone play this game? Bryan Burwell says, "I like to have sex with donkeys." What's that? He didn't actually say it? Fine, let's play along for the time being and take him at his word that he was inaccurately quoted...
Power Line:

The irony runs deep: Keith Olbermann, who unlike Limbaugh is actually a hatemonger, is employed as an NFL commentator.
Andrew McCarthy:

That's how Rush treats people — in the Martin Luther King aspiration that the content of one's character is what matters, not the color of one's skin. Yet, in the media narrative, he's somehow the one who's got a race issue — and the guys who trade on race, live and breathe it 24/7, are held up as our public conscience. The Left calls this "progress." I call it perversion.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Idiots On Parade

Brought to you by Sharp Elbows:


Obama's Health Care Advisor: Sarah Palin Is Right About Death Panels

If the president wasn't a bald-faced liar, says refreshingly forthright lunatic Robert Reich, he would admit that Sarah Palin was right about Obamacare's Death Panels.

Of course, the way to put the lid back on this is to attack Sarah Palin. Yeah, that's the ticket.

HT Verum Serum


Putin To Obama: How's That "Peace" Prize Workin' Out For Ya, Son?

Via Ace
In Idiotworld, you just elect a smooth-talkin' pop star with a thousand-watt smile and all your enemies magically evaporate, replaced forever with unicorns and rainbows. In the real world, you follow that recipe and those same enemies note your shiny new weakness and suddenly return to their former belligerence, despite all the wishful-thinking idiocy you serve up -- idiocy like "reset buttons" and "Smart Power".

Russia is weighing changes to its military doctrine that would allow for a “preventive” nuclear strike against its enemies — even those armed only with conventional weapons. The news comes just as American diplomats are trying to get Russia to cut down its nuclear stockpile, and put the squeeze on Iran’s suspect nuclear program.

In an interview published today in Izvestia, Nikolai Patrushev, the secretary of the Kremlin’s security council, said the new doctrine offers “different options to allow the use of nuclear weapons, depending on a certain situation and intentions of a would-be enemy. In critical national security situations, one should also not exclude a preventive nuclear strike against the aggressor.”

What’s more, Patrushev said, Russia is revising the rules for the employment of nukes to repel conventionally armed attackers, “not only in large-scale, but also in a regional and even a local war.”
Quoth Drew M:

Funny but I don't remember the Bush/Cheney Evil Twins threatening to preemptively nuke someone. Yet they were the dangers to the world and the Russians are the ones we need to reengage with in a kinder and gentler way.

So, we throw eastern Europe under the bus by scrapping missile defense and we get no help on Iran. We practically beg for a new nuclear arms reduction treaty and we get this kind of rhetoric out of the Soviets, er, Russians (sorry, don't know how I could have made that mistake).

It's almost as if the weaker we appear, the more belligerent the Soviets, damn, the Russians become.
Not to worry, son: Cajonus Giganticus has it all under control. In fact, he is now inviting the Soviets, whoops, now there I go; the Russians, to inspect American nuke sites. What could possibly go wrong? After all, Cajonus Giganticus has made himself clear:

America wants a strong, peaceful, and prosperous Russia.
Americans might have something to say about that at the ballot box.


Keep America Safe

Launched today by Liz Cheney, Debra Burlingame and Bill Kristol, Keep America Safe will, according to Power Line, "offer a hawkish perspective on national security matters; equally important, it will be a useful archive of original source materials for those who want to delve deeper into the news than the liberal media generally permit."

This introductory video sets the tone:

Their opening statement:
Welcome to

Like a lot of Americans, we have watched with concern and dismay as the Obama administration has cut defense spending, wavered on the war in Afghanistan, and launched investigations into Americans serving on the front lines of the war on terror, while at the same time expanding legal protections for the terrorists that plot to attack this country. These policies, along with President Obama’s abandonment of America’s allies and attempts to appease our adversaries are weakening the nation.

We’ve created Keep America Safe to provide Americans with information about critical national security issues and with a place where you can do something to affect those issues.

Too often, significant events and thoughtful analysis in the war on terror are glossed over or ignored on nightly national newscasts. Keep America Safe will highlight this information on our website and encourage dialogue between American citizens and their elected representatives in order to produce the legislative and executive action that will keep this country safe and strong.

Keep America Safe believes the United States can only defeat our adversaries and defend our interests from a position of strength. We know that America has, for 233 years, been an unparalleled force for good in the world, that our fighting forces are the best the world has ever known, and that the world is a safer place when America is trusted by our allies and feared and respected by our enemies.

Keep America Safe will make the case for an unapologetic approach to fighting terrorism around the world, for victory in the wars this country fights, for democracy, freedom and human rights, and for a strong American military that is needed in the dangerous world in which we live.

We urge you and those who share a common vision for America’s future to join Keep America Safe and make our voices heard.


Elizabeth L. Cheney, Debra Burlingame and William Kristol

P.S. We hope you’ll watch our debut ad, “Rhetoric vs. Reality” on our homepage or through our Facebook, YouTube and Twitter pages and we encourage you to tell your friends and family about us.
Join here.


Obama: Taliban Good, FOX Bad

Obama's bullying nature and totalitarian mindset are in full bloom today, as his hacks declare that FOX News is an "opponent" while announcing that the Taliban is "no longer a direct threat".

I welcome Cajonus Giganticus' attack on our FOXian overlords, which is driving new viewers to them every day and focusing attention on the monumental fraud that is Obama, which the New Fringe Media are whitewashing to the best of their leg-tingling abilities.

Obama has all the power to affect good for America and her people; instead, he is abusing its highest office to defame the very idea of America around the world, to wreck its economy, to enslave its future generations to impossibly massive debts and declare war on the First Amendment and the Constitution itself.

Obama has all the media except FOX slavering at his feet, but that's not good enough: he wants total fealty, total submission.

I dearly hope he will continue to pursue this, because it will be his undoing if he does.


Sieg Heil Time

The Dear Leader Flag has arrived.

"Finally, those tired, outdated symbols of what America used to be are being swept aside, and we are all standing and saluting the Icon of the One who unites us all. Behold, my fellow Omericans, the Change has begun."

Friday, October 09, 2009


An Historic Day

From today's e-mail:
Friday October 9 2009

Game 2 American League Championship Series New York Yankees vs Minnesota Twins at Yankee Stadium

Yankees Entertainment and Sports (YES) Network Announces Barack Hussein Obama awarded Chevy Player of the Game.


Obama Surrenders To The Taliban

It's true: Obama has anointed The Taliban as America's new partner in Afghanistan.

When Bush began the rescue of Iraq, idiots including a young senator Jugears claimed the real War On Terror, as it was known before Obamaspeak, was in Afghanistan; now that the "Overseas Contingency Operation" really is in Afghanistan, idiots including a young president Jugears claim the Real Overseas Contingency Operations are in a place called "Pocky-ston".

According to idiots, the "real" Thing Which Must Not Be Called War is always Somewhere Else, and so Obama has declared that the Taliban, who brutalized a generation of Afghanis into the seventh century, now has a place at the table in the new Afghanistan.

For Obama to abandon Afghanis to the most murderous savages on the face of this planet is a scandal of historical proportions. What a wretched piece of work this man proves to be.

Thursday, October 08, 2009


Imagine My Surprise, Part Deux

In which Cajonus Giganticus and the First Klingon display uh, how you say in Idiotland, a fine disregard for the real thing in favor of blatantly plagiarized Phonay.

This is so metaphorically rich and creamy, in so many ways and on so many levels, that I have already dipped my boys in it seven times. Just a sec... make that eight.

And the night?

So young.

So young.

Oh yeah.

Oh hohoyeah.

Images: "L'Escargot" by Henri Matisse; fraudulent piece o' crap chosen by le patron Cajonus Giganticus.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009


Imagine My Surprise

Via K-Lo comes this revelation of art imitating life in the White House:

Meanwhile, back in Afghanistan, the entire world is still waiting for Cajonus Giganticus to do something other than vote "present".


Stephen Harper Sings The Beatles

Let's see Jugears pull this off:



Obama Kneecaps Iranian Human Rights Watch Agency

Which Fits With The Whole Zelaya Thing, So He's Got That Consistency Thing Goin' For Him

Via Hot Air,

Oppressive tyrants in Iran and the world over got another boost from Obama today as he killed funding for the Iran Human Rights Watch Documentation Center as just the next sop in his ongoing capitulation to the mullahs. Hot Air:
Obama keeps talking about outstretched hands to the mullahs, but this is an outstretched finger to Iranians looking for freedom from oppression.
There's an obvious pattern here: Cajonus Giganticus always sides with tyranny.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009


Docs Props In Photo-Ops Flop

Via Cuffy,

More sophomoronic amateur-hour idiocy as Cajonus Giganticus' White House Propaganda Squad hands out white lab coats to doctors who reported for the latest phony Obamacare stage show.

President Obama yesterday rolled out the red carpet — and handed out doctors’ white coats as well, just so nobody missed his hard-sell health-care message.

In a heavy-handed attempt at reviving support for health-care reform, the White House orchestrated a massive photo op to buttress its claim that front-line physicians support Obama. …

The physicians, all invited guests, were told to bring their white lab coats to make sure that TV cameras captured the image.

But some docs apparently forgot, failing to meet the White House dress code by showing up in business suits or dresses.

So the White House rustled up white coats for them and handed them to the suited physicians who had taken seats in the sun-splashed lawn area.
"See? Doctors support my health care plan, whatever that will eventually be, and they showed up in their Official Doctor White Lab Coat Uniforms to demonstrate their uniform support. Get it? Get it? Get it?"

Yeah, I get it: you lie. Further, the doctors were mostly hand-picked shills from Doctors For Obama.

Amateur Hour Bonus Round
No surprise here:

Yes Virginia, there really is a plastic turkey. His name is Barack Hussein Obama.

Mmm, mmm, mmm.

Monday, October 05, 2009


Whiners With Short Memories

That would be the Democrats, the fringe media and idiots in general, all of whom are screeching that their ideological betters are gleeful over the Obamalympics fiasco. That's the one in which Cajonus Giganticus and the First Klingon totally embarrassed themselves in Copenhagen with sophomoric presentations that would have gotten a red 'F' in middle school. Quoth Ace:
So, you know, if the Democrats routinely root and pray for American battle deaths, and say "Screw them" to murdered and mutilated Americans, why exactly is it so bad that I take a bit of childish glee in seeing Obama humiliated over a trivial affair like the Olympics?

Chicago is a very corrupt town, and the hope of the Daley machine was got(sic) lots of federal grants which he could skim. The Daley Machine's interests was profits, not the national interest. They are mercenaries. Screw them. I feel nothing.
Perhaps just as pathetic is that it took less than an hour after the IOC punked Obama and his Chicago buddies that they began to play the inevitable 'blame Bush' tune, even as Chi-town slumlord and White House "advisor" Valerie Jarrett was professing that she did not have "the right intelligence" on Chicago's chances with the IOC. What a bunch of punks.


High Noon

Via the London Telegraph
The relationship between President Barack Obama and the commander of NATO forces in Afghanistan has been put under severe strain by Gen Stanley McChrystal's comments on strategy for the war.
General McChrystal has forced his president to commit to a strategy in Afghanistan. That's a General's job: to show the Commander-in-Chief the way to victory in war and to execute a winning strategy with his assent.

Let's see how Commander-in-Chief Obama answers that call.

Sunday, October 04, 2009


More Post-Copenhagen Blowback

Barack Hussein Obama, mmm, mmm, mmm.

El Rushbo: And this is the guy who's going to talk Iran into giving up its nukes?

The Good Michelle: Tall tale of the day: The First Lady’s weird Olympic memory, wherein the First Sacrificer shamelessly ladles out the BS.

Gateway Pundit: Danish News: Obama's Arrogance Turned Off IOC

Barack Hussein Obama promised me the world would love America once He Took Power and Soothed the World with His Charms.

So what happened in Copenhagen?

Reality, that's what.

People around the world have a natural aversion to punks, and the Obamas are punks.

Friday, October 02, 2009


IOC Rescues American Taxpayers From Chicago Machine

The all-time classic Drudge header. Ouch.

Like many other um, adults, I just assumed that, in all his incandescent brilliance, Cajonus Giganticus would never have gone to wonderfulwonderful Cope, enhaaahgen to serve up his usual campaign-style "It's All About Me" speech to the IOC without, you know: HAVING IT IN THE BAG.

Instead, this is the biggest PR facial I think I have ever seen. Ever. The president and the First Narcissist made absolute fools of themselves on the international stage, AGAIN, and got their asses handed to them by the IOC. So even as one who constantly and rightly criticizes this guy for the lying, double-dealing, traitorous anti-American bastard he is, I still gave him way too much credit for even the most basic level of common sense and savvy.

My bad.

So: no more cutting this dumb bastard any slack. The honeymoon is over. And as an idiot president once said to a murderous Islamofascist regime somewhere in Persia, This time I mean it.

At least now Cajonus Giganticus won't have to go overseas to apologize for yet another failure by an American president; he can just go to Chicago, whose beleagured citizens can now breath a sigh of relief.

Now let's check out What Others Are Saying™:

Jonah Goldberg tweets:

Coming soon from Obama: "As I've said many times before, I never wanted the Olympics for Chicago."

WGN TV live broadcast, stunned: "No-one expected this, obviously."

CNN: "Chicago is out? Madrid is still in? Tokyo is still in?... Chicago is out?"

Bill Bennett on Obama Trip: For Once He’ll Have to Praise America

More later.

Thursday, October 01, 2009


The Best Moral Compass

...the idiot left's constant claim. They have, they believe, a monopoly on wisdom, love and compassion. Take Moral Compass-thingy Harvey Weinstein, who thinks that the public will get behind fugitive rapist Roman Polanski. Apparently the left also believes that time heals all wounds, especially anal ones inflicted on an innocent child by one of their own. Oh sure, a few rats are abandoning the Good Ship Hollywood for the time being, but they'll be back on board as soon as this all blows over.

Word on the street: Polanski’s next film is so good, Europe’s going to let him bang an eight-year-old. It’s THAT GOOD.


Obama Rescued By FBI And Patriot Act Inherited From The Bush Administration

American Thinker's Ethel C. Fenig thanks President Bush for stopping terrorist attacks in New York City:

The arrest and indictment of Najibullah Zazi on charges of conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction was made possible by the "roving wiretaps" allowed by the Patriot Act, which was signed into law in 2001 by President George W. Bush. "All the layers of defense President Bush set up after Sept. 11 are working," Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., pointed out. The Patriot Act caused plenty of controversy, but it was key to the Bush administration's successful eight-year counterterrorism strategy that focused on disrupting terror attacks and thereby preventing the deaths of more Americans here at home.

Even the FBI's investigation into the 24-year-old airport shuttle driver began on Bush's watch.

Meanwhile, a trip down memory lane reminds us of what resulted from the last time the idiots were in charge:

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