Thursday, October 29, 2009


The Congressman, The Weasel And America's Anchorman

Rep. Steve King goes after NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell for his bigoted defamation of Rush Limbaugh:

Rush's response:

Of course, Goodell's a total weasel. He had no answer about the Dolphins' owners so wouldn't even address the question, and he got on his high horse about how McNabb is a fine player and a fine person and it has nothing to do with the color of his skin, when I (a) never said he was not a fine person; (b) never said he was a bad QB -- just that he was overrated (which no one should deny); and (c) said the MEDIA was obsessed with the color of his skin (which is also undeniable), not that I was.

I RESPECT Donovan McNabb, as I do all the elite athletes qualified to play in the NFL. I'd love to have a beer with him and discuss football. My job on the ESPN pre-game show was to disagree with the panel when I did. The production meeting the day before the show featured two segments on McNabb and the Eagles. The focus of BOTH segments was, "What's wrong with McNabb?" My thought was that not that much was wrong, that the Eagles defense was not getting sufficient credit, and that I thought the media was hyping McNabb for my stated reasons.

Like every other high-profile Limbaugh critic, when pressed Goodell is forced to admit that he knows little to nothing of what he speaks. No surprise, as anyone who listens to Rush regularly knows that every single last charge made against him in this fiasco was a complete fabrication except for the McNabb matter, which was instead a complete distortion.

While Rush Limbaugh has never needed anyone to defend him from idiots like Goodell, it is refreshing to see Rep. King take Goodell to task in the matter because, frankly, the Commissioner of the National Football League ought to know better.

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