Friday, October 09, 2009


Obama Surrenders To The Taliban

It's true: Obama has anointed The Taliban as America's new partner in Afghanistan.

When Bush began the rescue of Iraq, idiots including a young senator Jugears claimed the real War On Terror, as it was known before Obamaspeak, was in Afghanistan; now that the "Overseas Contingency Operation" really is in Afghanistan, idiots including a young president Jugears claim the Real Overseas Contingency Operations are in a place called "Pocky-ston".

According to idiots, the "real" Thing Which Must Not Be Called War is always Somewhere Else, and so Obama has declared that the Taliban, who brutalized a generation of Afghanis into the seventh century, now has a place at the table in the new Afghanistan.

For Obama to abandon Afghanis to the most murderous savages on the face of this planet is a scandal of historical proportions. What a wretched piece of work this man proves to be.

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