Tuesday, October 27, 2009



7.3 - Average number of U.S. military fatalities per month in Afghanistan during 7 years of the Bush Administration

27.5 - Average number of U.S. military fatalities per month in Afghanistan during 8 months of the Obama administration

0 - Number of Obama's daughters who have signed up to fight in Afghanistan

24 - Number of times President Bush played golf in almost three years in office (before deciding it was inappropriate for a wartime president)

24 - Number of times Obama has played golf in his first nine months in office (as a wartime president)

1,308,000,000,000 - Projected GDP dollars lost to Obama's Crap & Tax policies in next 21 years

4,000,000 - Projected job losses due to Obama's Crap & Tax policies

3,600,000,000,000 - Projected dollar cost of gas taxes under Obama's Crap & Tax policies

20 - Number of points by which Doug Hoffman leads Dede Scozzafava in NY23 election polls

5.3 - Percentage average national unemployment rate in President Bush's first term

7.8 - Percentage national unemployment rate in January 2009 when Obama promised his "stimulus" would cap it at 8 percent

9.8 - Percentage national unemployment rate in October 2009

2,500,000 - Number of jobs Obama promised to "save or create" through his "stimulus"

30,083 - Number of jobs "saved or created" by Obama's "stimulus"

3,600,000 - Number of jobs lost under Obama's "stimulus"

45 - Sheriff Joe Biden's average approval % rating after eight months in office

65 - Vice President Dick Cheney's approval % rating after one year in office

13,000,000,000 - Number of taxpayer dollars given to NY Fed while Turbo-Tax Tim Geithner was its chairman

11 - Number of points by which conservative Republican Robert McDonnell leads liberal Democrat Creigh Deeds in latest Virginia Gubernatorial polls

2 - Number of seconds it took Obama administration to blame Deeds for losing ground to McDonnell in Virginia

2.2 - Percentage of profit for health insurance companies demonized by Obama for their "excess profits"

1 - Number of Blue Dog Democrats calling Obama a liar (so far)

68 - Percent by which CNN's overall prime time ratings have fallen in the past year

79 - Percent by which CNN's "Cooper Anderson 365" has tanked in the same period

10.6 - Percent by which paying readership of liberal newspapers has dropped in the same period
9 - Number of months it has taken Obama to bloat the U.S. national budget deficit from 500 billion to potentially 2 trillion dollars

12 - Number of months until the conservative tsunami hits Washington full force

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