Monday, October 05, 2009


Whiners With Short Memories

That would be the Democrats, the fringe media and idiots in general, all of whom are screeching that their ideological betters are gleeful over the Obamalympics fiasco. That's the one in which Cajonus Giganticus and the First Klingon totally embarrassed themselves in Copenhagen with sophomoric presentations that would have gotten a red 'F' in middle school. Quoth Ace:
So, you know, if the Democrats routinely root and pray for American battle deaths, and say "Screw them" to murdered and mutilated Americans, why exactly is it so bad that I take a bit of childish glee in seeing Obama humiliated over a trivial affair like the Olympics?

Chicago is a very corrupt town, and the hope of the Daley machine was got(sic) lots of federal grants which he could skim. The Daley Machine's interests was profits, not the national interest. They are mercenaries. Screw them. I feel nothing.
Perhaps just as pathetic is that it took less than an hour after the IOC punked Obama and his Chicago buddies that they began to play the inevitable 'blame Bush' tune, even as Chi-town slumlord and White House "advisor" Valerie Jarrett was professing that she did not have "the right intelligence" on Chicago's chances with the IOC. What a bunch of punks.

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