Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Obama: Taliban Good, FOX Bad

Obama's bullying nature and totalitarian mindset are in full bloom today, as his hacks declare that FOX News is an "opponent" while announcing that the Taliban is "no longer a direct threat".

I welcome Cajonus Giganticus' attack on our FOXian overlords, which is driving new viewers to them every day and focusing attention on the monumental fraud that is Obama, which the New Fringe Media are whitewashing to the best of their leg-tingling abilities.

Obama has all the power to affect good for America and her people; instead, he is abusing its highest office to defame the very idea of America around the world, to wreck its economy, to enslave its future generations to impossibly massive debts and declare war on the First Amendment and the Constitution itself.

Obama has all the media except FOX slavering at his feet, but that's not good enough: he wants total fealty, total submission.

I dearly hope he will continue to pursue this, because it will be his undoing if he does.

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