Friday, October 16, 2009


Great News: White House Communications Director Anita Dunn Is A Self-Avowed Maoist UPDATED

Here's the overwhelming proof in all its stunning color:

Is there anyone in the Obama administration who isn't a fucking communist trying to stay below the American public's radar?

Anyone out there in Tingleupmylegland want to do their job yet?


Because to Rush, FOX, Hannity, Beck and their tens of millions of constituents, you are neither trusted nor relevant, as your pathetic numbers confirm.

How often have you heard a leftist idiot claim, after getting caught, that their honest utterances are "just a joke"? Well, sorry Anita, but professing admiration for one of the most detestable pigs in history, a psychopath responsible for ten to twelve times the number of murders committed by Adolf Hitler, is no "joke".

But trying to weasel your way out of fessing up to what you really believe now that the whole world is watching certainly demonstrates the entire left's inherent dishonesty.

The Good Michelle chronicles Anita Dunn's props as yet another Obama Commie.

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