Saturday, May 31, 2008


Imagine My Surprise

Obama admits he has to quit the Trinity United Church of Black Separatist Racism. What else was he to do when his home church continued to expose the Obamian Lie? Interesting that it happened after the white Father Pfleger leaned out and took one for the team. Just the thing Barack Hussein Obama needed as a premise to throw the TUCC under the Bus of Hope and Change.

And the folks in the pews, Obama's fellow churchgoers week after week, month after month, year after year for twenty years, well: they were all having so much fun.

Peter Wehner notes at The Corner:
Trinity United and Jeremiah Wright are what they have always been; it is Obama — or more precisely, Obama’s political interests — that have changed.


Some Things Never Change Dept.

"Good tires," mused Ahmed, casually lighting a cigarette, "but certainly not great tires."

Not unlike the Saudis who trained as pilots for the 9-11 attacks, these chaps seem not to have been overly concerned with take-off procedures. In this case, the aircraft is, or shall we say was, a spanking new Airbus A340-600.
Not one member of the seven-man Arab crew was smart enough to throttle back the engines from their max power setting, so the $80 million brand-new aircraft crashed into a blast barrier, totaling it.

The extent of injuries to the crew is unknown, for there has been a news blackout in the major media in France and elsewhere. Coverage of the story was deemed insulting to Moslem Arabs. Finally, the photos are starting to leak out.
Let's go over that last point again: reporting that a Muslim Arab has done something stupid or dangerous or both is an insult to all Muslim Arabs and is therefore forbidden.
That's totalitarianism, pure and simple, but "an insult to all Moslem Arabs" is not my problem, and "therefore forbidden" can go fuck itself.
Hmm. Maybe Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim after all.
HT: Kate of small dead animals


Obama's Classic Sellout Commercial

Bumped from February:

Wow. He really is The One. He's everything I could ever Hope for in a Democrat candidate for President. He is a Godsend. He is truly the Angel of Change, and he has just sealed the election.

For John McCain.

Big kudos to
The Real Revo.

Now Rush is running it. Good.


The Two Faces Of Barack Obama, Part 5,288

This video featuring David Axelrod demonstrates how the Obama Campaign has devolved into issuing baldfaced lies about the candidate's policies and past. This is just getting better and better.

All I can say is keep 'em coming.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Islamic Antisemitism

Andy McCarthy on Dr. Andrew Bostum's new book, The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism:
For a taste of what you will learn from the new collection, consider Bostom's recent Hudson Institute lecture, reprinted by FPM here. Most alarming for me continues to be this passage:
[The] Koran describes the Jews with their own particular degenerate characteristics, i.e. killing the prophets of Allah [Koran 2:61/ 3:112], corrupting His words by putting them in the wrong places, consuming the people’s wealth frivolously, refusal to distance themselves from the evil they do, and other ugly characteristics caused by their deep-rooted lasciviousness…only a minority of the Jews keep their word….[A]ll Jews are not the same. The good ones become Muslims {Koran 3:113], the bad ones do not.
It's not the sentiments — this and worse can be found without difficulty. It's whose sentiments these are. The passage was written by Muhammad Sayyid Tantawi in 1986. Tantawi is now the Grand Imam of al-Azhar University in Egypt, the seat of Sunni learning. Tantawi is as influential as Muslim clerics get, and, far from repudiating these remarks, he has since reaffirmed them. They illustrate, as Bostom observes, "the prevalence and depth of sacralized, 'normative' Jew hatred in the contemporary Muslim world."
Islam will not reform itself any time soon. Let's see if the idiots flinging the "hater" label around so thoughtlessly can bring themselves to fling it at the likes of Tantawi.


In Obama's World: The Liberation Of Auschwitz

Careful, kids, this can get confusing unless you're all a-smote by the Glowing One and therefore are not concerned with the facts.

Apparently, either the Allies stole into Poland to liberate the Auschwitz death camp on January 27, 1945, hundreds of miles past the Allied front and three months before the rest of the Allies crossed the Rhine, or Obama's uncle, Four-Star General Cyrus Tuskegee Obama, fought in the Red Army.

I know.

Now, let's consider this matter on pure logic alone. This pompous, lying, manchild is running for President of the United States. Given all that we know about him so far, would you not have to be, by definition, an idiot to vote for him?


Then perhaps an America-hating radical?


In Obama's World: Memorial Day

Who could possibly hope to surpass Barack Obama for the stupidest thing ever said on Memorial Day, this year or any other?
On this Memorial Day, as our nation honors its unbroken line of fallen heroes -- and I see many of them in the audience here today -- our sense of patriotism is particularly strong.
I know.

In refreshing contrast, here is President Bush's 2008 Arlington National Cemetery Memorial Day Commemoration speech.

Monday, May 26, 2008


The Obama Protocols

Hillary! is in trouble for the inferences her assassins have drawn from her comments about the history of the Democratic primary process. Whatever this is, it clearly illustrates the Obama Protocols, wherein all speech, even that which has nothing to do with him, is deemed out of bounds if it can be declared an attack on Barack Obama, and you'd better bet that if Obama's peeps think it can be, it will be. The results are entirely predictable: even President George W. Bush, making a speech a world away in the Knesset on the occasion of Israel's 60th birthday that made no mention of Obama whatsoever, is on notice.

Conversely, every stupid, dishonest, dangerous, inept, wrong, incorrect, misinformed, uneducated, vacuous, squirrely, ignorant, idiotic, totalitarian or otherwise objectionable utterance by the Obama camp is protected under the Barack Obama Campaign Speech Protection Act of 2008.

For example, which of these constitutes a threat by a prominent female Democrat to assassinate Barack Obama:


Answer: that's not the point.

Hillary Clinton perhaps inartfully answered a question about staying in the race, and she's being pilloried.

Michelle Obama played the race card by suggesting that because Obama is black, she could reasonably expect him to be shot between her home and the local gas station. She is fomenting racial enmity. Despite all that that implies about the aspiring First Lady's view of race relations in America, her comment vanished into the ether.

Pointing that out will soon be deemed an attack on Michelle (and the MSM) and therefore unacceptable speech.

Operation Chaos continues.

Friday, May 23, 2008


The Two Faces Of Barack Obama, Part 5,287

Via Gateway Pundit:
Barack Obama toasting his good friend Rashid Khalidi upon Khalidi's appointment to a position at Columbia University. Among the benefits of his close friendship with Khalidi, Obama said in his toast, had been

consistent reminders to me of my own blind spots and my own biases... It's for that reason that I'm hoping that, for many years to come, we continue that conversation -- a conversation that is necessary not just around Mona and Rashid's dinner table, ...but around this entire world.
Barack Obama telling his Jewish audience in Florida yesterday that hey, he barely knew the guy:

Let me respond to the question. My... uh, uh, uh, The assumption- I think the general question was that the, uh... Are there past associations of mine that would be troublesome to the Jewish community... Well, you mentioned Rashid Khalidi who's a professor at Colombia. I do know him because he taught at the University of Chicago and he is Palestinian. And, I do know him and I have had conversations. He is not one of my advisors. He is not one of my foreign policy people.
More Gateway Pundit:

Obama also did not mention that the Khalidis held a fundraiser for Obama's unsuccessful congressional bid in 2000.

Obama also did not mention that he helped funnel tens of thousands of dollars to Khalidi's anti-Israel Arab American Action Network.


Democrats Lied, People Died

Rep. Paul Kanjorski (D-PA) admits the obvious: the Democrats lied to win the 2006 elections. That's not a revelation, but it's refreshing to hear a leftist admit he and his comrades lie to achieve their ends. Thay have to; otherwise they would never achieve them. The flip side of that coin, of course, is the idiots who vote for them. As Kanjorski points out, they eat it up. Why? Simple: it's what they want to hear:

"We really in this last election, when I say we...the Democrats, I think pushed it as far as we can to the end of the fleet, didn't say it, but we implied it. That if we won the Congressional elections, we could stop the war. Now anybody was a good student of Government would know that wasn't true. But you know, the temptation to want to win back the Congress, we sort of stretched the facts...and people ate it up."

It's not for nothing that I refer to the idiots who support these assholes as, well, idiots.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Department Of Corrections

A French court has dismissed the France2 lawsuit against whistleblower Philip Karsenty, putting the final nail in the coffin of one of the Palestinians', and their collaborators', most despicable deceits.

Meanwhile, in an article that rebuts the most central and destructive of all the many Arab slanders against Israel in its sixty years, Clifford D. May chronicles how “Palestinian” refugees were created by Muslim armies, not Israel, in "Missing Moderates - The real reason the Arab-Israeli conflict can’t be settled":
Karsh quotes Ismail Safwat, the Iraqi general who served as commander-in-chief of the Arab Liberation Army that was attempting to “drive all Jews into the sea.” Safwat noted “with some astonishment that the Jews ‘have so far not attacked a single Arab village unless provoked by it.’”

The overwhelming majority of those who fled, Karsh explains, were instructed to do so “by their own leaders and/or by Arab military forces whether out of military considerations or in order to prevent them from becoming citizens of a prospective Jewish state.”

One of those leaders was Amin al-Husseini, the mufti of Jerusalem, who had spent World War II close to Hitler in Berlin. Scholar Barry Rubin writes that al-Husseini “hated Jews, wanted to destroy them and could not envision compromise.”

“The key point,” Rubin says, “is that in rejecting partition, in demanding everything and starting a war it could not win, the Arab side ensured endless conflict, the Palestinian refugee issue, and no Palestine. It wasn’t murder — it was suicide.”

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Liberal Fascism Dinner Party

My beloved bride and I travelled to Bellingham, Washington to dine with the great folks of the Northwest Business Association and special guest Jonah Goldberg, author of the best-selling Liberal Fascism, one of the best political books in recent memory.

I had read it over the previous two days and so I quite enjoyed listening to Goldberg go over his main points with his trademark wryness and humor. A self-described "happy warrior", Goldberg is a big, energetic and engaging guy who obviously loves talking about the ideas in the book whether it's one-on-one or with a large audience. The question-and-answer periods were energetic and hilarious.

Many thanks to Naida and all our dinner companions that evening, friendly folks all.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


MSNBC Unveils Pet Moron "Republican"

MSNBC has actors parading as stupid Republicans because, really, there is no other kind.

Propaganda Meatbots. Folks: your ratings are tanking like never before. This is supposed to help?

Kevin James appears to have no idea what Chris Matthews is talking about, and that's exactly what Chris Matthews ordered. The man would never have been on Fox. CNN maybe. On MSLSD? All day long. James is exactly the guy they want.

Ding! Hot dog!

Sunday, May 18, 2008


You Make That Sound Like A Bad Thing

Via The Corner:

Comedian Taylor Mali on communicating with conviction and authority.

A leftard once scolded me for being "so sure" of my self. Literally. My Self. He was telling me that being sure of myself was somehow a flaw.

I know.

Note to leftard: Just because you haven't figured it out doesn't mean I haven't.


Olbermann Overboard

Keith Olbermann is, well, an idiot. I don't know what drives a guy to that whole thing he's got going ranting at "Mister Bush", but it sure reached its most toxic and fevered with his pointed characterization of the entirely voluntary U.S. miltary as "cold blooded killers" slavishly murdering indiscriminately for their dark overlord George W. Bushitler. Geez.

Or maybe he was talking about Cheney and Rove, which in the minds of some will justify this assinine tirade. Believe me.

Olbermann's hateful smear of the military for the sole purpose of insulting Bush demonstrates the true sentiments of the anti-American left comprising Obama's base and embracing his message. They don't really support the troops. That would mean supporting the mission. But they don't want to be seen not supporting the troops, so they separate the troops from the mission in whatever way is necessary: they're victims, they don't really want to be there, they're too stupid to understand that they are being used by Bush and Cheney, etc.

That way goons like Olbermann think they are free to savage the military as unwitting dupes to Dubya's crimes, and that's exactly what he has done. He has insulted the intelligence, judgement, honesty, integrity and dedication of every man and woman who serves in the United States military and its support organizations.

This asshole deserves to become a pariah of Ratheran proportions. There can be no worse punishment for so huge an ego than to be ignored and then forgotten. Let's do this.

Laura Ingraham tears the Olberbamian One a New One, and Mark Levin rightly ridicules the sumbitch and calls for his firing.

Imus critics? I thought not.

Now just wait for the left to equate calling Olbermann out for his pointed slanders against the military, to Bush reminding us that appeasers get their asses kicked.

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Interpol: U.S. Congressional Democrats In Bed With FARC Terrorists Against Columbia's Uribe Government

Via Gateway Pundit:
Fodder for November. Interpol has confirmed that Democrat members of the United States Congress have been helping FARC terrorists in their attempts to take down the sovereign Columbian government and its President Uribe. Gateway Pundit reported this on Thursday.

Interpol confirmed documents today showing that US Congressman James cGovern (D., Mass.) (pictured), a leading opponent of the Colombia free-trade deal has been working with a go-between, who has been offering the FARC terrorists help in undermining Colombia's elected and popular government.

Colombia is America's closest ally in South America...

The information also confirms that US Democrats were secretly reaching out to the FARC terrorists.

Democrats are working behind the scenes in South America to undermine their own United States of America. Is that treason yet?

Read it all. Background here.

Sons o' bitches. Pelosi and Reid.

Friday, May 16, 2008


Idiots On Parade

This is just too painful to watch. A Republican moron brings his moron-brain to a fight with two idiots plugged into the Big Giant Idiot-Brain.

Brutal. What the hell is this moron doing on MSNBC defending that about which he knows nothing? Did the McCain campaign vet this guy? Come on, McCainiacs, what the heck are you doing?

Don't make me come down there.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Note To Opey: It's Not Always About You, Sweetie

Sometimes it's not about you, sweetie. Sometimes it's about other idiots, too.

President Bush, before the Knesset on the occasion of Israel's 60th birthday:

Some seem to believe we should negotiate with terrorists and radicals, as if some ingenious argument will persuade them they have been wrong all along . . . We have heard this foolish delusion before. As Nazi tanks crossed into Poland in 1939, an American senator declared: 'Lord, if only I could have talked to Hitler, all of this might have been avoided.' We have an obligation to call this what it is — the false comfort of appeasement, which has been repeatedly discredited by history.
The Obamian One, with telling indignation:

It is sad that President Bush would use a speech to the Knesset on the 60th anniversary of Israel’s independence to launch a false political attack.
Yo, BH: Whether it was aimed at you or not, the shoe fits, pal. That's why you're so upset. F'n wear it.

White House Spokesgoddess Dana Perino to Obama:

I understand when you’re running for office you sometimes think the world revolves around you. Not today, Opey. It ain't lookin' good for tomorrow, either.
Idiots always get angry when someone points out their horribly piss-poor judgement, even when the person pointing it out is talking about others who happen to think the same way. Then they try to change the subject from their horribly piss-poor judgement to, what else, their victimhood, as in "stop attacking my patriotism!" which, translated, means "stop pointing out that I have horribly piss-poor judgement!" Today's example: Barack Hussein Obama calls Bush's historically unimpeachable observation a "false" attack on Him, The Obamian One.

Never mind that Bush didn't happen to be thinking of The Obamian One while addressing the Knesset on a historically significant occasion, although the Obamian One's vehement reaction, and that of his devotees, was certainly Shakespearean- exactly what is false about what Bush said? History is bursting with examples of the disastrous folly of trying to "reason" your country's sworn enemy out of a fight when that sworn enemy has promised you one no matter what you do. If it was as easy as Obama seems to think it is, we'd be there. That Obama thinks that way is demonstrative of the man's phenomenal hubris.

What is false is Obama's claim that he has "never supported engagement with terrorists." This is the guy who offers both in a debate and on his own campaign website as of today to negotiate with ActMadInJihad and Assad without preconditions. Those two countries are on the State list of terrorism-sponsoring nations. Note to Obama: those two assholes are terrorists. But Obama has a record of ignoring such "diversions"; for years Barack Hussein and Michelle Obama have had personal friends and dinner companions who are terrorists, the very people who launched his political career, but perhaps in the Obamian Mind hosting a meal at your home followed by an evening of polite discussion with people who bombed Americans and support the elimination of Israel does not constitute engagement with terrorists. That's almost as rich as spending twenty years at the Trinity Church and never hearing anti-American, anti-white racist rants by a Nation of Islam friend and mentor.

K-Lo has a list of modern appeasers ready at hand. Among them:
Dhimmi Carter
Nancy Pelosi
John Edwards
Bill Richardson
Henry Waxman
Dennis Kucinich
Chris Dodd
John F'n Kerry
Madeleine Albright

Appeasers all, they all travelled to kneel at the enemy's feet, only to return with yet more proof of the danger inherent in their worldview. There are certainly more, but what better modern example than Dhimmi Carter?

The problem is that like all those idiots, Obama thinks that if only he can get the chance, he will succeed where countless other idiots have failed to disastrous results.

Wrong. And nobody knows better just how wrong that is than the miraculous Israelis, or President Bush, who has given 50 million Muslim souls a chance for freedom because he knew it was folly to "talk" with Saddam and the Afghan Taliban.


Wikipedia vs Israel

HonestReporting exposes anti-Israel activists manipulating the online encyclopedia.

Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia anyone can edit, may strive for pure democracy, but that doesn't mean it's always fair. Our colleagues at CAMERA learned this the hard way last month when their effort to fight anti-Israel bias on Wikipedia ended in several members being banned from the site and bad press for the organization. CAMERA's campaign involved recruiting volunteers and instructing them in the basics of Wikipedia participation. The Palestinian advocacy group, Electronic Intifada (EI), however, branded the effort "a plan to rewrite history" and filed a bitter complaint with Wikipedia administrators, resulting in unusually stiff penalties for the CAMERA volunteers involved.
Goddamned zionists. When will they learn?


About That Whole "Separation Of Church And State" Business, Part 2

Uh, My faith teaches me that I can sit in church for twenty years and never hear my Muslim Nation pastor's abject hatred for everyone who isn't black, but I won't be fulfilling God's will unless I do the work of Louis Farrakan, William Ayers, Bernadine Dorhn, Samantha Power, Robert Malley, and my wife Michelle.

Uh, that is Hope and Change.

Can Mike Huckabee leave detention now?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


A New Low

Even for a Daily Kocksucker, this is a new low.

Imagine cruising through the same leftard blog you visit whenever you need to be reminded how fucking stupid you are and finding one of your key, albeit unspoken, beliefs out there in stark relief for all the world to see. Everyone to whom you've ever recommended this fabulous idiotblog as a primer on your belief system gets to savor every last drop of that creamy, delicious Jew-hatred.

Nice one, idiot. Oh, and that burning sensation in your cheeks? That's the heat generated by your brain realizing everyone now knows how sick you are.

Oh yeah, classy job on the Jenna Bush wedding, too.

Daily Kocksuckers: the gift that keeps on giving.

HT Right Wing News


Steyn vs Children of Lesser God El Masry

It's interview time with Steve Paikinon on TVO, and Mark Steyn embarrasses the three misguided yutes fronting the imbecilic suit against him on behalf of Secret Islamic Hero Mohammed El Masry, also known as He Who Must Not Be Connected To This Islamofacist PR Fiasco.

Alas, these poor children are pathetic and Steyn eats them alive.

Kudos to Mr. Paikinon for keeping order and playing it straight- nice job.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Palestinians For Obama

Palestinians in Gaza Are Phonebanking for Barack Obama.

You'd think they'd give some thought to getting their own act together first. You know, some non-savage leadership, infrastructure in service to something besides bombmaking; a hospital or's about a sewage system?

Then again maybe my notion of national priorities is all askew.

Q: When someone brings this up to Obama, will he call it a "smear" or a "diversion"?

Monday, May 12, 2008


Obama's 57 States

Barack Wright Hussein Obama appeared to have "lost his bearings" when he referred to campaigning in all 57 states, but was it more a matter of letting the mask slip?


"Don't Thank Me, Mr. President"

Thank Rush Limbaugh.

Sunday, May 11, 2008


About That Whole "Separation Of Church And State" Business

Via The Wonderful Weekly Standard:

All you wops on the lawn squawking about how Bushco and the Neocons have been violating the Constitution had better audit the political culture of Southside Chicago, whence Obama springs, and decide if that's what you want in the White House. Because in Southside Chicago, racial politics is king, and Barack will be carryin' those bags into the Oval Office.

In that context, Stanley Kurtz considers Obama's friend, mentor and spiritual advisor of twenty years- until Barack martyred him- the reverend Jeremiah Wright, on the separation of the powers of church and state:

T]here was no separation Biblically and historically and there is no separation contemporaneously between 'religion and politics.' .  .  . The Word of God has everything to do with racism, sexism, militarism, social justice and the world in which we live daily.
Which is to say that Obama's pastor has no regard for the First Amendment. That's fine and perfectly acceptable, even expected of a man in Wright's position. Irresponsible and indefensible, but perfectly within his rights. Obama knew this about Wright for years, and as a teacher of American Constitutional law he certainly understood the implications of Wright's sermonizing.

As part of the Oath of Office, The President must swear to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States to the best of his ability. Perhaps more importantly, he must be naturally compelled to do so in his heart. As the politically made guy in the Southside Chicago political machine and a very high-profile leading member of the Trinity Church, Obama failed miserably in that regard.

Why would anyone think he will suddenly figure it out now?

Saturday, May 10, 2008


Another One Bites The Dust

Barack Hussein Wright Obama's alarmingly dishonest modus operandi is well established for all to see. Just as with his beloved friend and mentor the reverend Jeremiah Wright, when the real nature of one of the army of leftists, bagmen, terrorists, America-haters and anti-Semites with whom he has surrounded himself is revealed to the world, he first distances himself from the problem-person, minimizing their role in the hope that will be enough to insulate his campaign from them. When that fails to stifle the criticism, the problem-person is finally cut loose to maintain the lie that is Obama.

The latest example of this comes from the revelation that noted Israel-hater and former Clinton advisor Robert Malley has been advising the Obamian One on Middle East matters. Malley's presence caused problems early for the Obama campaign, but Obama duly claimed back then that Malley had only offered "informal advice" and had no formal role- nothing to see there. But now the Times Online reports that not only is Malley still "one of Barack Obama’s Middle East policy advisers", but that he also, serendipitously in keeping with Obama's announced intention to talk with the enemy, has connections with Hamas.

The Obama campaign would have the world believe that they sacked Malley as soon as they learned of his connections with the terrorist group, but the truth is almost certainly that they pulled the plug on him as soon as it became apparent that those connections were about to become public, and therefore a liability to the Obamian One.

This latest martyring follows a familiar pattern: it was the same with Obama's pastor, friend and mentor of twenty years Jeremiah Wright, it was the same with Obama's anti-Israeli advisor Samantha Power, it was the same with Obama's ideological fellow travelers of almost fifteen years, unrepentant American terrorists William Ayers and Bernadine Dorhn, and it repeats now with the Hamas-collaborator Malley.

If it weren't for a twenty year parade of self-confessed terrorist radicals, anti-American and anti-Israeli cranks of varying stripes, oh yeah and political bagmen, Obama wouldn't have any friends at all. Or a wife, come to think of it.

Via The Corner.


Israel At 60

Literally constantly under attack by neighboring savages, genocidal Islamic regimes, the U.N. and Western anti-semites hiding behind a diseased leftist ideology that affords her enemies moral equivalence, Israel will survive another six decades only by carrying on with the same spirit that has always confounded her enemies and made her a beacon of freedom in the cesspool of tribalism and hatred that surrounds her.

In "Israel Drove Out the Arabs 60 Years Ago?", NRO's Mona Charen provides a primer of the most oft-repeated lies about the creation of the Jewish state. Fresh from a week during which ActMadInJihad called Israel a "stinking corpse", it's time for those who agree with such madness to face the truth.
Israel is about to celebrate its 60th birthday, but alone among the nations of the world, its legitimacy and right to exist continue to be considered matters of debate. Israel, like the U.S., is willing to be self-critical (sometimes to extremes) but this fair-mindedness seems to float on a different plane from the vituperation and defamation that is hurled at Israel from so many directions.

In 2001, most of the world’s nations convened a conference on racism in South Africa. The U.S. withdrew after it became obvious that the conference on racism was itself racist. Condemnations of Israel dominated the proceedings, and the handouts available in the lobby featured caricatures worthy of Der Sturmer: hook-nosed Jews with Palestinian blood on their hands surrounded by bags of money.

So even now, even after triumphing over so much adversity in its all-too-eventful first 60 years, Israel is not considered a normal country. The campaign of deligitimization launched by its enemies has succeeded to a tremendous degree in persuading ordinary people that Israel was conceived in sin. That sin was the dispossession of the Palestinians, the rightful inhabitants of the land now called Israel. Second only to the claim that Iran seeks nuclear power for peaceful purposes, this is the most sinister lie in circulation.
Also setting the record straight are David B. Rivkin Jr. and Lee A. Casey, who in The Myth Of Occupied Gaza debunk one of the latest and most persistent Palestinian lies, designed, the authors point out, "to limit Israel's freedom of action and give Hamas a legal leg up in its continuing conflict" with Israel:
The Hague Convention is a founding document of the modern law of armed conflict, and its definition of occupied territory was woven into the 1949 Geneva Conventions. There, the relevant provision provides that "[i]n the case of occupied territory, the application of the present Convention shall cease one year after the general close of military operations," although certain protections for the populations continue "to the extent that such Power exercises the functions of government in such territory." That is the key -- exercising the functions of government. This proposition was recognized in a seminal Nuremberg prosecution, the Trial of William List and Others.

It is because an occupying power exercises effective control over a territory that international law substantially restricts the measures, military or economic, it can bring to bear upon this territory, well beyond the limits that would be applicable before occupation, whether in wartime or peacetime.

The Israeli military does not control Gaza; nor does Israel exercise any government functions there. Claims that Israel continues to occupy Gaza suggest that a power having once occupied a territory must continue to behave toward the local population as an occupying power until all outstanding issues are resolved. This "principle" can be described only as an ingenious invention; it has no basis in traditional international law...

Gaza is exceptional only in that its international legal status is indeterminate. Its last true sovereign was the Ottoman Porte. It was part of the British Palestine Mandate and has since been administered by both Egypt and Israel. Today, no state claims sovereign authority, though it is expected that Gaza will become part of a future Palestinian state. For its part, Hamas acknowledges no higher authority and functions as a de facto government in Gaza. It is a classic example of a terrorist-controlled badland.

Unduly handicapping states that intervene in such badlands -- whether to protect their own interests, those of the local population or both -- is unrealistic and irresponsible. Requiring agreement by the "international community" (whatever that may be) as a precondition for extinguishing such a designation is equally unproductive if the goal is saving lives. Consider the example of Darfur.
And Caroline Glick observes in the excellent NRO Symposium on Israel's 60th birthday:
Many argue that Israel was established by the United Nations. But this is false. Israel was established by the Jewish people who transformed swampland and desert into farmland and forests, and naked fields into modern metropolises. The U.N. merely acknowledged a well-founded reality. So too, Israel’s future survival, strength, and prosperity will be guaranteed not by international good will but by the ingenuity, strength, creativity, and courage of the Jewish people.
Let us hope that we recognize in time that those who aim first to justify Israel’s annihilation, aim second at the remainder of the free world. — Anne Bayefsky

Friday, May 09, 2008


Undressing Obama

Andy McCarthy dismantles Barack Hussein Obama's feigned indignation at McCain's observation that Hamas really likes Obama. Obama Campaign Manager David Axelrod gave Hamas' endorsement the big thumbs up, but somehow it is a smear when McCain points it out.

I know.

Says McCarthy:
This is of a piece with the whole kerfuffle over Obama's middle name. Remember how that became a smear, too? Except, as I noted here a while back (thanks to a Bret Stephens WSJ column), the first person to make a point of using "Barack Hussein Obama" turned out to be Barack Hussein Obama. ("Well, I think if you've got a guy named Barack Hussein Obama, that's a pretty good contrast to George W. Bush," Mr. Obama told PBS's Tavis Smiley on October 18, 2007. "If you believe that we've got to heal America and we've got to repair our standing in the world, then I think my supporters believe that I am the messenger who can deliver that message.")

So, Obama wants to be able to appeal to the Islamic world, which is rife with jihadists, by holding out the likelihood (i.e., the certainty) that he would be more understanding and accommodating (which is to say more prone to appeasement) than any GOP rival, but we are supposed to say nothing about the fact that this is naturally alluring to jihadists (as the jihadists themselves are pointing out)?
McCain advisor Mark Salter calls Obama out on both his sophomorically transparent dishonesty and his pathetic naivete. Ouch:

First, let us be clear about the nature of Senator Obama's attack today: He used the words "losing his bearings" intentionally, a not particularly clever way of raising John McCain's age as an issue. This is typical of the Obama style of campaigning.

We have all become familiar with Senator Obama's new brand of politics. First, you demand civility from your opponent, then you attack him, distort his record and send out surrogates to question his integrity. It is called hypocrisy, and it is the oldest kind of politics there is.

It is important to focus on what Senator Obama is attempting to do here: He is trying desperately to delegitimize the discussion of issues that raise legitimate questions about his judgment and preparedness to be President of the United States.

Through their actions and words, Senator Obama and his supporters have made clear that ANY criticism on ANY issue -- from his desire to raise taxes on millions of small investors to his radical plans to sit down face-to-face with Iranian President Ahmadinejad – constitute negative, personal attacks.

Senator Obama is hopeful that the media will continue to form a protective barrier around him, declaring serious limits to the questions, discussion and debate in this race.

Senator Obama has good reason to think this plan will succeed, as serious journalists have written of the need for "de-tox" to cure "swooning" over Senator Obama, and others have admitted to losing their objectivity while with him on the campaign trail.

Today, Senator Obama is complaining about comments John McCain made about a senior Hamas advisor stating that Hamas would welcome Senator Obama's election as president. Indeed, on April 13th, senior Hamas political advisor Ahmed Yousef said, "We don't mind – actually we like Mr. Obama. We hope he will (win) the election and I do believe he is like John Kennedy, great man with great principle, and he has a vision to change America to make it in a position to lead the world community but not with domination and arrogance."

The McCain campaign has never suggested that Senator Obama supports Hamas' agenda, but it is more than fair to raise this quote about Senator Obama because it speaks to the policy implications of his judgment.

Just today, the president of Iran, whom Senator Obama wants to meet with unconditionally, called the state of Israel a "stinking corpse." Iran is the paymaster and state sponsor of Hamas.

In his victory speech this week, Senator Obama stated that "wisdom" is meeting with our enemies, including Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, North Korea's Kim Jong Il, Venezuela's Hugo Chavez and Cuba's Raul Castro. John McCain couldn't disagree more. Rather than giving tyrants and dictators the prestige of meeting with an American president, John McCain will instead meet with the champions of human freedom around the world and opposition leaders fighting for liberty .

We understand why Senator Obama doesn't want to engage in a debate over leadership and judgment with John McCain, but the American people demand that debate take place.

These are serious times that call for a serious debate on the profound issues facing our future. John McCain is ready for that debate and we hope Senator Obama will one day get serious and join it.

In other words, Obama is a preening, self-absorbed punk who couldn't carry John McCain's lunch.

Can't wait to see Obama's response, in which he will accuse McCain of a negative, personal attack.

That didn't take long.

Thursday, May 08, 2008


Sean Bell

Heather MacDonald's assiduous presentation: "No, the Cops Didn't Murder Sean Bell."

Most recently MacDonald asks: Is The Criminal Justice System Racist?
Answer: No: the high percentage of blacks behind bars reflects crime rates, not bigotry.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008


MO Bitter Blues

Power Line looks at Michelle Wright Obama's clunky boilerplate stump message of bitterness and rage:

Michelle Obama seethes with bitterness. While she preaches the gospel according to Barack, she wears resentment and bitterness on her sleeve. It is therefore painful to listen to her. She's apparently even still angry about her SAT scores. She didn't test well in school, she explains. Somehow, she has overcome.

Mrs. Obama seeks to convey the impression -- she expands on the theme at great length -- that Senator Obama's campaign is, to borrow Joe McCarthy's formulation, the victim of "a conspiracy so immense..." It is not clear whether the Obama campaign can overcome the power of these sinister forces.
Others are commenting on Michelle's Wrighteousness.

Hugh Hewitt:

I think Michelle Obama's stump-speech message of the unfairness of "moving bars," opportunity-killing debt burdens on college graduates, families having to move away from great aunts, and the fear engulfing the "vast majority of Americans" is not going to resonate with most voters.

This is the rhetoric of resentment and victimization, and as I played her speech from May 2 on yesterday's program --and it is very similar to the speech she made the previous Friday night-- the radio audience reacted with a combination of astonishment and anger. Michelle Obama discounts all the good that is going on in the country, skips over the deep generosity of Americans, and ignores the astonishing economic and social progress made in the U.S. since the close of W.W.II as she indicts aspect after aspect of American life.

Her very grim vision chills those who do not share it, which I guess to be the "vast majority" of Americans. One caller asked that if Obama couldn't raise the spirits of his wife, how will he raise the spirits of the country? Aside from the pithiness of the remark, it illuminated that Michelle Obama sounds like Pastor Wright and Bill Ayers when talking about America, making our country sound like a land of sharks and
Byron York:

But Mrs. Obama, the star attraction, is taking no chances. Walking onstage to chants of “Yes, we can!” and “Fired up — ready to go!” she quickly gets to the heart of her message: There are forces out there who are trying to take away everything Barack has worked for. They — she doesn’t mention anyone in particular but does refer to one “brand name politician” — are trying to win this election for themselves and thereby deny Obama the opportunity to move America to the mountaintop of hope. And they must be stopped.

“We’ve learned that we’re still living in a time and in a nation where the bar is set, right?” she tells the crowd.

“That’s right.”

“They tell you all you need to do is do these things and you’ll get to the bar — ”


“So you go about the business of doing those things — ”

“Yes — ”

Her husband has been doing just that, Obama explains — raising money, building an organization, winning caucuses, winning primaries, and amassing a large number of delegates. And yet he still hasn’t won, because nothing is ever enough for those unnamed adversaries.

“You start working hard and sacrificing, and you think you’re getting closer to the bar, you’re working and you’re struggling, you get right to that bar, you’re reaching out for the bar, and then what happens?”

“They raise the bar!”

“They raise the bar. Raise the bar. Shift it to the side. Keep it just out of reach.”


“And that’s just what’s been happening in this race.”

Michelle Wright Obama is angry to learn that there is no affirmative action program for entry to the White House. But then, as Yuval Levin points out, Barack Wright Ayers Obama is angry about that too. He just ain't saying it as loudly as his self-Wrighteous spouse.


Barack Michelle Obama's Friend, Domestic Terrorist Bill Ayers

Monday, May 05, 2008


Michelle Obama Wants You To Be Angry! Michelle Obama Needs You To Be Angry!

Because if America isn't angry, Michelle Obama lacks even a raison d'être. Think I'll go off on 'er for a while.

"It’s going to take us being, as a nation, deeply passionate and angry about the failing education for all kids,” she said. “When was the last time we heard some really solid questions for these candidates on education in a debate? You know all about the issues in our personal lives, but ... education is the thing we should be angry about.”
Okay, fine, I get it: so now, by your command, I'm all angry for ya MO; now what?



Tom Maguire on Poor Michelle Obama.

Hitchens on MO's senior thesis, unreadable as it is.

Steyn's got some too. Ooh. Thanks to Hewitt.

Ayers rocks. Let's see Skippy the Wonderboy explain this away.

Man, it's one inconvenient truth after another with the Obamian One.

Sunday, May 04, 2008


US To Go On Killing Spree In Iran

Unless the Iranians stop their killing spree in Iraq. It's really that simple. War, yo.


Iron Man Review

NRO's Peter Suderman:

Only in Hollywood can you charge millions of people ten bucks to gape for hours at extravagant gee-whiz weaponry while simultaneously decrying capitalism and U.S. militarism.


Gibson Punks A Soros Idiot (UPDATED)

The buffoon who asked John Sydney McCain a layered, sophisticated question at a townhall meeting was subsequently a guest on John Gibson's radio show. Turns out he was a Democrat suicide bomber sent by George Soros, who is trying to buy the election again this year.

Funny stuff:

See how idiots complicate things? They never get straight to the point because they can't be honest in their politics. He should have just stood up and said, Senator McCain, my name is Marty Parrish and I'm an idiot. McCain's response would have been exactly the same, and Parrish would at least be thought an honest idiot.

Context: it's everything.

Friday, May 02, 2008


I Feel Your Pain

Jack Shaheen, author of "Guilty — Hollywood's Verdict on Arabs after 9/11", describes the movie "The Kingdom" as one of the most damaging depictions of Arabs of recent times in which "even Arab children cannot be trusted".

Thursday, May 01, 2008


Operational Pause Lifted

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