Friday, October 02, 2009


IOC Rescues American Taxpayers From Chicago Machine

The all-time classic Drudge header. Ouch.

Like many other um, adults, I just assumed that, in all his incandescent brilliance, Cajonus Giganticus would never have gone to wonderfulwonderful Cope, enhaaahgen to serve up his usual campaign-style "It's All About Me" speech to the IOC without, you know: HAVING IT IN THE BAG.

Instead, this is the biggest PR facial I think I have ever seen. Ever. The president and the First Narcissist made absolute fools of themselves on the international stage, AGAIN, and got their asses handed to them by the IOC. So even as one who constantly and rightly criticizes this guy for the lying, double-dealing, traitorous anti-American bastard he is, I still gave him way too much credit for even the most basic level of common sense and savvy.

My bad.

So: no more cutting this dumb bastard any slack. The honeymoon is over. And as an idiot president once said to a murderous Islamofascist regime somewhere in Persia, This time I mean it.

At least now Cajonus Giganticus won't have to go overseas to apologize for yet another failure by an American president; he can just go to Chicago, whose beleagured citizens can now breath a sigh of relief.

Now let's check out What Others Are Saying™:

Jonah Goldberg tweets:

Coming soon from Obama: "As I've said many times before, I never wanted the Olympics for Chicago."

WGN TV live broadcast, stunned: "No-one expected this, obviously."

CNN: "Chicago is out? Madrid is still in? Tokyo is still in?... Chicago is out?"

Bill Bennett on Obama Trip: For Once He’ll Have to Praise America

More later.

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