Friday, October 30, 2009


Barack The Destroyer

Rush Limbaugh on today's intellectually insulting "jobs saved or created" bullshit from Obama spokesnitwit Robert Gibbs:
Mr. Gibbs, your boss has destroyed millions of jobs. Your boss Barack Obama has destroyed millions of small businesses. Your boss, Mr. Gibbs, and you are party to this because you promote this disaster; your boss has destroyed the lives of countless American families. What is this excrement about jobs saved or jobs created?

Barack Obama is destroying this economy. He's destroying management, he's destroying assembly lines, he's destroying opportunity, he's destroying hope. He's destroying liberty for future generations. He hasn't created or saved a damned thing. Barack Obama destroys. He destroys and destroys. The only jobs he has created are government jobs. He stole money just like Pelosi is stealing money. With no accountability, Obama is stealing money from the private sector and paying people to work for him so he can steal more.

This administration is engaging in unconstitutional acts: this country does not provide constitutionally for a "pay czar" to tell anybody what they can and cannot earn. This Constitution does not provide for the government to mandate its citizens buy anything.

He is destroying home ownership, he is destroying entrepreneurship, he is destroying the industrial heart of this nation; he is trying to destroy the military. Barack Obama creates nothing but havoc, unsettledness and angst and disheartenment.

Barack Obama is a Destroyer, not a creator. The only people saving and creating is us, the American people. The American people are doing everything they can to save their jobs. Small businesses are doing everything they can to hold on to their employees, maybe hire some more. The economic heart of this engine is its people, not Barack Obama. The intellectual heart of this nation is its people, not Barack Obama. The last, best hope of this nation is our people; it is not Barack Obama. Barack Obama is an obstacle in the way of the people who make this country work, and it is an insult to my intelligence, it is audacious for this man and his administration to be putting out fraudulent, phony numbers about the number of jobs HE has "created or saved". We have lost three point three million jobs since Barack Obama was inaugurated... it is bad and getting worse precisely because of what Obama has done.

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