Saturday, October 17, 2009


Reality Dawns On Juan

Juan Williams Discovers Barack Hussein Obama's America - Mmm, Mmm, Mmm!

Fox News contributor Juan Williams has always struck me as a likable man, but one whose political judgement is hobbled by a level of naiveté that prevents him from fully appreciating the vitriolic hatred and intolerance that permeates the left.

That may have changed. After being told on the O'Reilly Factor by mouthbreathing racist prick Warren Ballantine to "go back to the porch", Williams seems finally to have recognized the black-hearted nastiness behind the left's politically-correct facade as employed by the Obama political machine.

The latest campaign to destroy Rush Limbaugh has put the left's hatemongering tactics in stark relief this past week. This appears to have awakened Williams to the reality of the situation, including the "revelation" (better late than never) that much of the character assassination levelled at Rush was engineered and directed from the Obama White House, causing Juan to declare with obvious surprise and exasperation,
Apparently it's okay to use these kinds of racial slurs, as long as you're defending what some consider the "politically correct" point of view!
As obvious as that has long been to Fox viewers, Tea Partiers, the 2 million who marched on 9/12 in Washington and literally millions more Americans, it is refreshing to see it finally dawn on Juan Williams, whose Road to Damascus moment is beautifully wrapped up in this Factor segment featuring Williams, Tammy Bruce and the Rev. Ken "Hutch" Hutcherson, who at the end welcomes Juan home from the wilderness.

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