Friday, September 30, 2005


...And The Horse You Rode In On

Unable to ignore the cacaphony of voices calling for them to stop being so damned naive and stupid, political leaders have bailed on the "America Deserved It Center Of Contrition" proposed for Ground Zero in New York. A merciful Governor Pataki finally put the evil thing to death.

This does not make the NY Times at all happy:

We believe that the power of that site should be used to consider what happened that day and to see what lessons we can derive from it, not only to mourn the dead.

I've long thought the correct lesson to derive from Islamist killers targeting the economic and government capitals of the U.S. should be that the U.S. Marines will venture forth to erase however many of these fuckers are left, but I might be a) oversimplifying that to a certain degree and/or b) approaching the whole "lesson to be derived" thing from an entirely different angle than the Times. Thankfully, the Old Gray Mare did not say whether the center should also have attributed the 9/11 attacks to everything America has ever done, for the Zionists' worldwide oppression of Islamofascist pigs, and for putting up buildings so tall that they obviously got up Osama's snoot just a bit too much, in a hiking-yer-skirt sort of way.


Imam/Not An Imam

Michelle Malkin has the whole deal on the New York City imam hired by the FDNY as their Muslim chaplain, then fired on the same day for demonstrably being a moonbat. What I find interesting about the whole affair is that the guy was nominated to the position by the Fire Department's own Islamic Society. Does that bother anyone else?

"He's a good man," said Hakim Braxton, president of the Islamic Society. "Any statements he's made, he's responsible for ... But I would ask that the citizens of this city give him a chance and judge him on his actions." I guess when your actions include mouthing conspiracy theories so as to deflect criticism from terrorists who murdered thousands in New York, judgement comes swiftly.

Interesting story on a day that has the left's collective hair aflame (oh how I wish some days) over Bill Bennett's harmless musings.


Goodness Sakes, Hugh, Keep Your Voice Down!

Too late: Hugh Hewitt's question is already out there in this interview with Heath Allen of ABC affiliate WDSU in New Orleans. Allen had rationalized to Joe Scarborough that journalists reported every wild-eyed rumor swirling around post-Katrina because the folks there were so badly in need of assistance:

We had all the resources of the American media combined in New Orleans. Everything they had, they threw at it. With the help of locals like you and national networks, print, media, radio, everything, not one outlet could get inside the convention center or the Superdome to do accurate reporting. What's that tell us about the trustworthiness of American media, when it's far away from home in a war zone like Iraq? Isn't that in fact an obvious admission that not only can they not do the job in New Orleans, we can't expect them to do the job of accurate reporting in a war zone like Iraq?

As one wag pointed out, had this been a prizefight, the ref would have stopped it after one round.


Top Ten Reasons Bill Hemmer Bolted To Fox

Reason Number 9:
Wolf Blitzer to Robert Bennett: Would you mind stepping down here into the muck with me for a moment?


Thank You, Mr. President

Military historian and voice of reason Victor Davis Hanson describes the world stage as it would have been set by the antiwar-at-any-cost, Bush-hating left, who would have left Saddam Hussein in power, free to murder and pillage as only Saddam could, to say nothing of allowing A.Q. Kahn, Libya and the terror-mullahs free to prance about to the cheers of the left.

Read it and breath a great big sigh of relief that those same motherf***ing Useless Idiots rarely have their way.


Media Matters Exposes Itself, Activates Leftist Hysteria

Democratic Party /George Soros front group Media Matters, that model of clarity and intellectual rigor, that ardent watchdog of conservative disinformation, goes after Bill Bennett for making a reductio ad absurdum argument that flies straight over the heads of the fools hammering him. Instead of trying to understand the idea Bennett was expressing, that it’s wrong to decide a moral issue based on economics, leftist weirdos employ their usual manufactured outrage. Following standard practice, the comments sections of the fever swampblogs are awash with personal attacks, character assassination and the usual masturbatory fantasies involving violence against Bennett and/or all non-weirdos, but absolutely devoid of reasoning or intelligence. There are but two exceptions that I have been able to find so far, here and here, and even these can’t put the message across without tossing in a good measure of leftist venom.

For intelligent analysis rather than feigned indignance, you must go here, here, and, if you lefties think you can stand the brilliant light, here.


How Ronnie Earle Works

National Review Online has several interesting accounts of this Texas Democratic Party operative's modus operandi. Read them all or you're not doing your homework.

Byron York
How Ronnie Earle works.
Ronnie Earle, the Texas prosecutor who has indicted associates of House Majority Leader Tom DeLay in an ongoing campaign-finance investigation, dropped felony charges against several corporations indicted in the probe in return for the corporations' agreement to make five- and six-figure contributions to one of Earle's pet causes.

A grand jury in Travis County, Texas, last September indicted eight corporations in connection with the DeLay investigation. All were charged with making illegal contributions (Texas law forbids corporate giving to political campaigns). Since then, however, Earle has agreed to dismiss charges against four of the companies — retail giant Sears, the restaurant chain Cracker Barrel, the Internet company Questerra, and the collection company Diversified Collection Services — after the companies pledged to contribute to a program designed to publicize Earle's belief that corporate involvement in politics is harmful to American democracy.

Some legal observers called the arrangement an unusual resolution to a criminal case, at least in Texas, where the matter is being prosecuted. "I don't think you're going to find anybody who will say it's a common practice," says Jack Strickland, a Fort Worth lawyer who serves as vice-chairman of the criminal-justice section of the Texas State Bar.

Byron York
The DeLay prosecutor has let a film crew follow him through the whole case.
[Travis County, Texas prosecutor Ronnie] Earle "allowed us behind the scenes when the indictments came down last year, the first wave of indictments," Schermbeck says. "We got to follow him back to his home a couple of times, which I understand he doesn't allow anybody to do." Schermbeck says the film includes interviews with some critics of Earle, as well as lawyers who are representing some of the targets of the investigation.
So far, The Big Buy has received almost no attention in the press. With DeLay's indictment, and increased attention to Earle as well, that situation seems likely to change. (The filmmakers say they will be back at work next week, filming a new ending to the picture.) "We're pretty low on everybody's radar," Schermbeck says. "We kind of took a gamble three years ago. We didn't know what was going to happen. We feel like, as documentary filmmakers, we gambled and it paid off."

Stephen Spruiell
[CNN uberhound Wolf] BLITZER: Under Texas law, a prosecutor does not have to release the evidence that he or she has in the indictment, and there is no evidence in this indictment that specifically backs up the claim that this prosecutor, Ronnie Earle, is making. Have your attorneys, though, in conversations with him, or have you directly in conversations with Ronnie Earle — you met with him in August — been told what evidence they may or may not have?
[Texas Congressman and House Majority Leader Tom] DELAY: Absolutely not. They don’t have any evidence. All they wanted to do is indict me so that I would have to step aside as Majority Leader — temporarily. That’s the only reason I got indicted. If the Republican Conference did not have that rule, I would not have been indicted. All they cared about was getting this indictment. They don’t care about the case later.

Andrew C. McCarthy
Remember all those allegations – the ones the media relentlessly reported during the Clinton scandals – about how Judge Starr’s investigation was purportedly leaking secret grand jury information to the media? Remember all those spinmeisters who made the cable TV rounds and claimed this showed Starr was destroying the presumption of innocence and shredding the Constitution – and was thus far more dangerous to the country than a president who might be obstructing justice and committing perjury?

I wonder what they would have said if it turned out Starr had had a camera crew filming the secret grand jury investigation.

I wonder if the MSM and the talking heads will remember what they used to think.

David Frum
BONUS: David Frum on several matters, including Canada's new Governor-general who, in her swearing-in speech, said:

"I know that our planet is fragile, and that natural disasters like the one that recently assailed our American neighbours are a brutal reminder of that fragility. And we have seen so many lose their possessions. And as is universally the case in such circumstances, we have seen emerge entire segments of a population, among the most destitute, men and women who had nowhere to go. Dispossessed, with no points of reference, facing sheer devastation, even utter dismay. Such images we have seen before – from Darfur, from Haiti, from Niger. And this time they came from New Orleans, from the margins of an affluent society."

Answers Frum, "Except of course that the New Orleans evacuees will benefit from some $200,000 in federal spending per person and are not being hacked to death by enraged jihadists."

Oh, David.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Zarqawi Minus One

U.S. Special Forces Kill Zarqawi's No. 1 guy. Yeah, baby.,2933,170467,00.html


Top Ten Reasons Bill Hemmer Bolted To Fox

Reason Number 10:
Soledad O'Brien: Superdome evacuees worse off than Nicholas Berg.

CNN's "American Morning" host Soledad O'Brien said Tuesday that Hurricane Katrina evacuees housed at the Superdome were worse off than beheading victims in Baghdad.

The normally mild-mannered newswoman offered the overwrought observation while speaking at Redbook Magazine's "Movers and Shakers" awards luncheon in New York.

According to the New York Daily News, O'Brien blurted out:
"It is a sad thing to watch military veterans cry as they tell you the beheadings in Baghdad were less horrific than what they saw as 30,000 people marched from the Superdome through a shopping mall and onto buses to who knows where."

Ms. O'Brien didn't identify the veterans who told her that Katrina victims would have been better off being beheaded.


Trouble In Paradise

Looks as if Cindy She-Hen is wearing out her welcome almost everywhere. Scroll down through the comments following her revealing "a little bit of wind and rain" tirade and you'll see what I mean. Just don't go looking for anything resembling common decency from the ubiquitous Kos Mind Police.

Also: Cindy beats that old dead horse while The Whole World Watches! Note the Telegraph's weird headline: "Anti-war mother held at White House". You'd think she'd been disappeared.

Funniest take: Ace Of Spades

Monday, September 26, 2005


Michael Yon Reports

“Deuce Four,” is on its way home.

I attended their departure ceremony, presided over by the much respected Brigade Commander, Colonel Robert Brown. Purple Hearts were awarded to soldiers wounded in action. The commander of the Deuce Four, LTC Erik Kurilla, was not there to pin the medals on his soldiers; Kurilla was the last Deuce Four solider wounded in Iraq, and was recovering from three gunshot wounds. All told, the 1-24th infantry regiment earned over 157 Purple Hearts during their mission in Mosul.

I thank these men for doing what Canada's ruling Liberals are loath to even acknowledge is necessary; standing up for my freedoms.

Viva Deuce Four and Michael Yon.

Sunday, September 25, 2005


Bush Answers Clinton

In "Lowering The Bar" I related how Bill Clinton defied centuries-old convention and trashed President Bush with a pack of lies. It has been frustrating to watch W. tolerate this sort of thing, but it now appears that the President has had enough of Bill Clinton's methods.

Newsmax reports: Bush: Clinton Weakness Led to 9/11

Damned well about time.

Saturday, September 24, 2005


Iran Is Now The Problem

National Review's Michael Ledeen addresses the one issue everyone wishes would just go away: the reality of Iran's nuclear ambitions.

Friday, September 23, 2005


Know Thine Enemy

Psst-want a real quagmire? Observe the antiwar left, whose media-celebrity heroes-du-jour Cindy She-hen and Fat Bastard Galloway want the U.S. to pull out of Iraq regardless of the obviously calamitous consequences. Mother Peace and thirty of her most exploitative friends are now in Washington to protest the war and generally carry on with their lunacy. They expect 100,000 fellow protesters to join them, but they won't be seeing these folks there. After all, the Democratic leadership may be crazy as a bunch of shithouse rats, but they're not stupid.

"'There are a lot of people here who are wondering, where are the Democrats?' said Tom Andrews, a former Democratic House member from Maine who's now the national director of Win Without War, one of several groups that are organizing three days of protests against the war in Washington starting Saturday."

I have a better question: Who is organizing and rallying behind their proxies, both willing and duped, gathering in Washington in the name of "peace"? The Washington Times has the answer:

The groups gathering in Washington this weekend to protest President Bush and the war in Iraq have ties to radical left-wing groups and communist organizations and have enjoyed the support of the left's biggest financial supporter, George Soros.

United for Peace and Justice (UPJ) and International Act Now to Stop War and End Racism (ANSWER) are the two main organizers of the weekend of events -- the first major public protest allowed to surround the White House in more than 10 years -- and expect 100,000 people from dozens of smaller left-wing and liberal organizations.

The leaders of ANSWER, founded three days after the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, are connected to the Workers World Party, a Marxist group that has expressed support for such dictators as North Korea's Kim Jong-il, Yugoslavia's Slobodan Milosevic and Iraq's Saddam Hussein. The latter two have been ousted from power and jailed.

Other groups associated with ANSWER are the Free Palestine Alliance, U.S.-Mexico Solidarity Foundation and the Muslim Student Association of the U.S. and Canada.

Is it any wonder that the faces and names behind this event are the same ones who wanted Saddam Hussein left in power to begin with? Of course not, because these people are not just against the war in Iraq- they are anti-west and anti-democracy, Wahhabists, Bin Ladenists and remnants of the crash of World Communism who carry on the old Stalinist tradition of advocating for thug dictators and their brutal regimes. You'd think otherwise well-meaning people would be more careful about being used by the ones who would destroy their very society if given half a chance, but to be against this war one must already be afflicted with a certain level of naivete to begin with. Ed Morrissey says it best:

That doesn't mean that everyone who attends these rallies lacks sincerity in the message. It should warn them, though, that continued association with such groups will eventually destroy their credibility. Apologists for dictators do not have any moral standing for protesting American foreign policy. When groups like that discount 50 million people in Afghanistan and Iraq having the ability to select their own leaders and laws and would consign them to suffer under the brutality of strongman rule once more, they show themselves as the self-congratulatory, reactionary anti-Americans that they are.

That includes the fools who still think there is a middle ground in the war on Islamofascism.



Feel that buuuuuuuurn: Stuart Smalley's radio abomination ( I could use its proper title but why help their search results?) is so desperate for cash that the entire crew is begging for money on air.

Consequence: what a bitch.

Captain's Quarters: Blanche DuBois Returns
Radio Equalizer: PANHANDLING NEXT?

Radio Equalizer describes Air America's brutally desperate campaign:

"For $50, they'll send three 'official' bumper stickers, while $100 gets a 'stylish' tote bag thrown in. The sucker who has everything might choose the $250 version, including the above and an on-air thanks from one of Air America's talk hosts. Another option: send 'any amount', for which they'll be 'grateful'. Only you can prevent the next Boys & Girls Club financial raid. Send a buck, save midnight basketball in the Bronx.

I really want to know how this affects Him, Stuart Smalley.

Thursday, September 22, 2005


You Mean They Weren't Cowardly Swine Like Us?

Robert KC Johnson writes about the pathetic state of European cultural ignorance and dhimmitude in his concise History News Network article "European Politics and the Holocaust".

Whilst Tony Blair's invitation to Muslim leaders to advise him on multicultural policy, which is akin to giving a chainsaw to a termite, is insane enough for anyone, here's the real nugget, courtesy of France's monumentally ignorant Foreign Minister Philippe Douste-Blazy:

Perhaps French Foreign Minister Philippe Douste-Blazy might want to visit Britain for next year's Holocaust Memorial Day, which is held on January 27. Yesterday's Ha'aretz reports that Douste-Blazy revealed a shocking lack of knowledge of the Holocaust and European history during a recent visit to Israel's Holocaust memorial site, Yad Vashem.

The museum, which is an extraordinary achievement in public history, includes detailed maps showing the number of Jews killed in each nation occupied by the Nazis. Douste-Blazy asked why no British Jews were listed as murdered, prompting the museum curator to point out, "But Monsieur le minister, England was never conquered by the Nazis during World War II."

The Foreign Minister's response: "Yes, but were there no Jews who were deported from England?" Amazing.

Opines Ace Of Spades:
"I think this is just an idiot stumbling over his ignorance and falling into wisdom. Kind of like Being There, only with more chain-smoking and body-odor."

But about that tolerance thing...

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Fat Bastard Comes To Chicago

Documentary film-maker Andrew Marcus has the whole sordid mess on the record.


"You Are Stuck On Stupid"

Gen. Honore has been showing his cojones since he arrived to take charge from the quarter-wits mucking things up in post-Katrina New Orleans. Now, in the process of smacking down an idiotic "journalist" asking an idiotic question, he has just bequeathed the idiot-slam of all time to the right wing pantheon. Thank you, sir, may I have some more!

Sure the idiot left will attempt to co-opt the phrase, but that just gives me a mental picture of a diapered toddler grappling to pick up a sledgehammer.


Able Danger Hearings Begin Today

Standing by, and I can hardly wait.

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that DoD has pulled permission for Lt. Col. Shaffer and others under their command to testify today. In fact, Shaffer's til-now suspended clearance has been completely revoked. Never mind. This thing is going to move along anyway, albeit with an obviously obstructionist DoD blocking as much as it can. Chairman Specter will have to resort to subpoenas to override the DoD clampdown on the witnesses; I have no idea if he will.

One witness they cannot silence is Erik Kleinsmith, a former DoD analyst, who received the order to destroy the entire massive Able Danger database. The sheer enormity of this database cannot be overstated, and this man could fill in some interesting holes in this affair. Kleinsmith is now an independant contractor no longer beholden to DoD and is (at this point, anyway) therefore in the unique postion to be able to tell the committee what was in the database, who gave the order to destroy it, and why.

The Senate Judiciary Committee's hearing on “Able Danger and Intelligence Information Sharing” began today, Wednesday September 21, 2005, at 9:30AM EDT. The hearings were broadcast live through the Committee website and C SPAN3, but I have not found archives for either 'cast. Testimony transcripts are available through these links:



Other links:
Michelle Malkin
Captain's Quarters
Andrew C. McCarthy
Red State
NY Times
QT Monster
Dr. Sanity
Just One Minute
The Strato-Sphere

Staying tuned...

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


RIP, Simon Wiesenthal

Simon Wiesenthal, deathcamp survivor, scourge of fascism and mortal enemy to a generation of Nazis, their sympathizers and apologists, Mr. Wiesenthal is dead at 96.

"'We cry today the loss of Simon Wiesenthal, while others, the revisionists, celebrate. However, they won’t be celebrating for long, because we will keep on fighting,' [said] Dr. Shimon Samuels, director of the Wiesenthal center in Europe.
"Wiesenthal, himself a survivor of the Nazi concentration camps, became a Jewish activist who helped bring more than 1,100 Nazi criminals to justice. "

Monday, September 19, 2005


Frightening, Sad And Unsettling

These frightening, sad and unsettling headlines say it all about the eeeevil of George W. Bush:

Iraqi Lawmakers OK Amended Constitution
Kabul Elections Come Off Smoothly

Why oh why did that Texan inbred Cheney-Rove-UberTexan Bushitler McChimp ignore the UN and shun our innocent European allies? Chimpy McBushitler just become slave to his gigantic Halliburton evil ego to go off on one disastrous disaster after another, occupying innocent countries and killing all those innocent people? With all that depleted uranium. And where is Usama, huh! And the WMDs?!

Sadly, I say sadly, all that's left of these poor innocent countries is, in each sad case, voters. That's right, voters; voters and the governments they have sadly been forced to elect. You can't enforce democracy at gunpoint, everyoen knows that. Sadly, it looks as if the poor inocent people of Afganistan and Iraq, and Lebanon and Egypt and sadly possibly even Syria, will never know that truth before succumbing to this sad "voter" atrocity.

This was on Chimpy McHitler’s watch. We must hold Bushy McBushilter W. MicChimpBush accountable with direct-action bumper stickers, internet slander and Katrina-porn funding appeals. Sadly, this is going to cost us our very sad credibility and make us look like a bunch of pussies, dammit, god-damned-motherfucking-piss-shit-rightwing-nazis-dammit.
It's all just so frightening, sad and unsettling.

When will these f***ing right-wing bastards ever learn? I say we kill them all. Bush first, then O’Rielly. Cheney, Ann Coulter and Condi will also be exterminated.

After that, I have no clue. It's not my job to have the answers.


Post comments below


Fat Bastard And The Friends Of Jihad

Formerly titled, "Spurious George". What can I say, I couldn't ignore LGF's inspirational commenters.

I've been remiss in not addressing last week's Hitchens/Galloway debate. KPFT Radio's hour-long pre-debate show, which became an hour-and-a-half long, was full of mocking inanities by a bevy of antiwar leftist reactionaries. According to the hosts, the delay was caused by all those right-wingers having to be scanned by metal-detectors so that their guns could be confiscated, preventing them from opening fire on the lefties in the crowd. No word as to how many dozens of these gun-toting right-wing animals have been arrested for violating New York's strict gun laws.

Some interesting revelations from these weirdos:
Christopher Hitchens, a sad, sad man, was wooed away from the beloved Nation for a much higher salary at the eeeevil NY Post, as he is a vile mercenary;
Black New Orleans residents were subject to a post-Katrina shoot-to-kill order personally issued by George W. Bush;
Black NO residents were callously abandoned to suffer the worst of Katrina while Bush sat in Crawford and strummed a guitar;
Military recruiters ran amok in the Superdome demanding people join the US Armed Forces;
The American government has enough money to attack Iraq but not enough to help the black poor people (or is that poor black people?);
George Galloway is apparently not a carpetbagger who spent years smelling Saddam's farts;
Antiwar leftist reactionaries still "support the troops" (add two-finger "quote" gestures here).

Hitchens kicked Galloway's rabid ass, that is when Galloway wasn't busy screaming and kicking his own. I enjoyed hearing the sane members of the audience turn on this monumental liar as he stood there, in a hall in New York City, in September, and scolded the throng that they would face even more mass murder through their own fault if they didn't demand the destruction of Isreal, withdraw from Iraq that very night and immediately send all their Katrina money to the Palestinians. But the quote of the evening was Hitchens':

“There are probably some people among you here who fancy yourself as having leftist revolutionary credentials. And, in fact, I can tell that you do by the zoo noises you make and the scars you can demonstrate from your long underground twilight struggle against Dick Cheney. But while you’re masturbating in that manner, the Iraqi secular left…[is] fighting for [its] lives against the most vicious and indiscriminate form of fascist violence that any country in the region has seen for a very long time.”

The debate is not over: Hitchens has promised to commit even more of his valuable time to debunking Galloway's stinking lies. Hitchens has already done much work in that direction; the fruits of his efforts can be read at his website, Hitchen's Web.


Lowering The Bar

With few notable exceptions, Democrats and their leftist pals have in recent years continuously lowered the bar of behavior whenever it has suited their goals, ignoring political convention and often even simple human decency for personal and/or political gain. The result has been considerable downward pressure on the honorable traditions that serve as the foundation for maintaining a functioning democracy. Even written laws are not enough to restrain these assholes, so it's no surprise that they ignore matters of ethos and unwritten rules. Personal honor? Forget it.

These transgressions against convention and decency have run the gamut, from Bill Clinton's use of the Oval Office to cheat on his wife and forever brand his daughter with that legacy, to Sandy Berger's brazen theft of classified 9/11 documents, to the fillibustering of President Bush's judicial appointments, to the left's ugly cultural convention of lying about supporting the troops while demanding rights for terrorists and advocating Bush's assassination. There are countless more examples, most recently leftist racebaiting in the wake of Katrina, but you get the picture.

Now Clinton is at it again, this time busting the tradition of former Presidents refraining from criticizing their successors (and in Clinton's case his better). As usual with Democrats and leftists, Clinton is either wrong or lying (mostly lying) about almost every point he makes, and Power Line's John Hindraker calls him to account:

This attack was false in every respect. The invasion of Iraq had the support of dozens of nations. The UN's inspections could never be "completed," but the UN itself had reported that large quantities of WMDs remained unaccounted for. On the other hand, Clinton's suggestion that there was "no real urgency" about the situation in Iraq was probably sincere, as it typified Clinton's approach to terrorism: he perceived no urgency after the first bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993, or after al Qaeda's attempt to simultaneously destroy a dozen American airplanes over the Pacific in 1995; or after the attacks on American embassies in Africa in 1998; or after Saddam's attempt to assassinate former President Bush; or after Saddam repeatedly tried to shoot down American aircraft; or after the Cole bombing in 2000; or after the Taliban took over Afghanistan and converted it into a training ground for anti-American mass murderers; or after any number of other provocations. So, naturally, Clinton saw no urgency with respect to dealing with Saddam's regime. Of course, had Saddam facilitated a post-9/11 attack on the U.S. using chemical or biological weapons, you can imagine how harshly Clinton would have criticized Bush for his lack of foresight.

Read it all.

Sunday, September 18, 2005


Donna Brazile, Stateswoman

Arch-Democrat Donna Brazile, who managed Al Gore's 2000 presidential campaign, listened to President Bush speak on rebuilding after Katrina and has the integrity to declare solidarity with the office of the President. I believe Ms. Brazile respects her present role as a political thinker/speaker as do few others in her position, and I applaud her dedication to the American ideal:

"He [Bush] enunciated something that we all need to remember: This is America. We are not immune to tragedy here, but we are strong because of our industriousness, our ingenuity and, most important, because of our compassion for one another. We are a nation of rebuilders and a nation of givers. We do not give up in the face of tragedy, we stand up, and we reach out to help those who cannot stand up on their own.

"The president has set a national goal and defined a national purpose. This is something I believe with all my heart: When we are united, nothing can stop us. We will not waver, we will not tire, and we will not stop until the streets are clean, every last brick has been replaced and every last family has its home back.

"...Bush talked about how we bury our family and friends. We grieve and mourn. We march to a solemn song and then we rejoice and step out and form the second line. That line is now open to every American to join us in rebuilding a great region of this country. New Orleans will rise again. My hometown is down but not out, and with the help of every American, it will be back on its feet, bigger and brighter than ever.

"Mr. President, I am ready for duty. I am ready to stir those old pots again. Let's roll up our sleeves and get to work.

It will never be better said.

Saturday, September 17, 2005


The Sound Of One Hen Snapping

Everything you need to know about Cindy She-Hen is in this brief but fevered passage:

"...If George Bush truly listened to God and read the words of the Christ, Iraq and the devastation in New Orleans would have never happened. I don't care if a human being is black, brown, white, yellow or pink. I don't care if a human being is Christian, Muslim, Jew, Buddhist, or pagan. I don't care what flag a person salutes: if a human being is hungry, then it is up to another human being to feed him/her. George Bush needs to stop talking, admit the mistakes of his all around failed administration, pull our troops out of occupied New Orleans and Iraq, and excuse his self from power. "

You go, girl.

Thursday, September 15, 2005


The Palestinian Authority is Neither

The so-called Palestinian Authority is actually a terror group named Hamas.

Monday, September 12, 2005


Thank You Thank You Thank You

Ontario clues in, rejects Sharia law.

No Sharia family tribunals in Ontario: McGuinty
Canadian Press
TORONTO — Ontario will not become the first Western jurisdiction to allow the use of a set of centuries' old religious rules called Shariah law to settle Muslim family disputes, and will ban all religious arbitrations in the province, Premier Dalton McGuinty told The Canadian Press on Sunday.

McGuinty has done the Right Thing.

Sunday, September 11, 2005


September 11 2001

"Great harm has been done to us. We have suffered great loss. And in our grief and anger we have found our mission and our moment. Freedom and fear are at war. The advance of human freedom — the great achievement of our time, and the great hope of every time — now depends on us. Our nation — this generation — will lift a dark threat of violence from our people and our future. We will rally the world to this cause by our efforts, by our courage. We will not tire, we will not falter, and we will not fail."
~ President George W. Bush, September 20, 2001.

Saturday, September 10, 2005


Thisism Thatism

Michelle Malkin (she's everywhere!) lights into the opportunistic whining fatheads decrying the use of the word "refugee" to describe refugees.

Kosworld ignites (happens every fucking day over there, truth be told) with Bush-murdered-Renqhuist conspiracy theories. Make sure you follow the links if you want to get really informed, man. It's wild. You won't believe it!

Reading God's Mind
Christians: God destroyed New Orleans because he hates gays. And abortions, too.
Jews: God's pissed about giving up Gaza.
Muslims: Screw New Orleans - God hates all infidels (that's everyone to you and me).
RFK Light: God is an environmentalist.
Kos: God thinks Condi Rice is the house negro.
NFL: God plays quarterback for the New England Patriots.

If there is any certainty to be derived from this disaster, it is that Kos thinks of Condi Rice as the house servant.


Thursday, September 08, 2005


Unidentified Air America Sugar Daddy Pays Up, Sort Of

Michelle Malkin follows up on her report, "INSIDE AIR AMERICA: AL FRANKEN'S LYING LIES" with news that Air America has rolled over under the pressure created by Malkin and Maloney's unrelenting scrutiny and topped up the piddling fifty grand they tried to pass off as a "payment" to the Gloria Wise organisation, but which was actually placed in escrow under the exclusive control of Air America lawyers. They've added the remaining 825,000 bucks to that escrow account, but don't expect them to release it to its rightful owners, the people Air America stole it from, any time soon:

Nine months after acknowledging the liability in a signed settlement agreement with the network's former owners, Air America Radio wired $825,000 into an escrow account for the Gloria Wise Boys & Girls Club, the New York Sun and New York Post report today.

The escrow account is controlled by Air America's lawyers. Air America says it will release the money in the account to Gloria Wise when the city Deparment of Investigations "completes its work and authorizes payment." Last month, in the wake of negative publicity over the shady deal, Air America deposited $50,000 to the account.

So far, there is no indication how Air America, which claimed to be unable to pay any more than the original fifty grand, has suddenly managed to come up with the rest of their ill-gotten gains, but it would not be surprising to find it takes the form of yet another private loan, this time from a more willing party, someone with a vested interest in seeing this whole damned thing just disappear. Perhaps Stuart Smalley's undying quest for the truth will lead him to discover this mysterious benefactor's identity so that he may share it with the rest of us.

Meanwhile, the DOI in New York has announced it is sitting on Air America's back until they come clean (Emily Gest at DOI has confirmed to me by phone that the announcement will be up on the DOI site within twenty-four hours):

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: EMILY GEST 212-825-5931 THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 8, 2005 STATEMENT FROM DOI REGARDING AIR AMERICA'S REPAYMENT OF $875,000 During the course of DOI's investigation into allegations that officials at Gloria Wise Boys & Girls Club had falsified documents submitted to various City agencies and had approved significant inappropriate transactions, DOI discovered that Gloria Wise had transferred $875,000 to Air America. DOI asked Air America to repay the $875,000 to an escrow account controlled by DOI. Thereafter, Air America repaid only $50,000 to an escrow account that is not controlled by DOI. DOI is pleased that Piquant LLC, the current owner of Air America, has agreed to DOI's request that, in lieu of making $50,000 quarterly payments, Piquant transfer the full $875,000 to the escrow account. While the total reimbursement reportedly has been made, DOI does not control the escrow account, although Air America's attorneys have represented that the money will only be disbursed with DOI's authorization. DOI's investigation is ongoing.

DOI is one of the oldest law-enforcement agencies in the country. The agency investigates and refers for prosecution City employees and contractors engaged in corrupt or fraudulent activities or unethical conduct. Investigations may involve any agency, officer, elected official or employee of the City, as well as those who do business with or receive benefits from the City.



Michelle Malkin and Brian Maloney have been dogged in their pursuit of the truth behind the Air America fiasco, and have landed one of the story's true nuggets: that champion of the truth, that paragon of virtue, Al Franken, is right in the middle of the whole mess. Deflection, bald-faced lies and ad hominem attacks on his critics apparently aren't enough to keep Stuart Smalley from having to face the reality that even liars who make a career of accusing others of lying are vulnerable to a paper trail.

What an idiot. I warned you, bro.

Now let's see if the MSM takes notice.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Hugh Hewitt Predicts The Future

In his article, "Rebuilding the Gulf Coast, One Group at a Time", Hugh Hewitt keeps his eyes on the prize regarding the rebuilding of the Gulf Coast and outlines his solution, the success of which could revolutionize human affairs:

It is a task which may be beyond the ability of the local, state, and federal governments to manage. How, for example, does a government--at any level--presume to assist a shattered church in the reconstruction of its walls and its Sunday School programs, an Alcoholics Anonymous chapter in the care of its members, a community theater in the reconstruction of its playhouse, or scores and scores of high school athletes in the completion of their senior year schedules so that colleges and universities can offer talented kids a chance at a free education?
The only way such a multitude of specialized needs can be met is for the vast, vast numbers of their counterparts across the United States to act--independently of government--to come to their aid in a reconstruction effort.

Hewitt properly sees Katrina as a pivotal opportunity for people to form private, non-government, like-minded cyber-groups to transform compassion into action through the internet.

Sunday, September 04, 2005


Fever Swamp Banks Overflow

Ben Stein, a real supporter of the troops and their Commander-In-Chief, has comments and questions in The Spectator on the Post-Katrina Idiocy Syndrome flooding the fever swamp:

Is there any problem in the world that is not Mr. Bush's fault, or have we reverted to a belief in a sort of witchcraft where we credit a mortal man with the ability to create terrifying storms and every other kind of ill wind?

Moving from Mr. Stein's low-key yet firm approach to my old favorite, telling it like it is, I give you a rightfully scornful Ace Of Spades, who will brook no shit from the likes of this little puke.

Arthur Chrenkoff has more examples of the Post-Katrina Idiocy Syndrome. You simply will not believe some of this stuff even gets past a person's sense of simple logic, let alone over the tongue and past the lips. This is almost exclusively a leftist affliction. Of course a scant few cases of PKIS hit outside the home fever swamp, such as an Al Qaeda message that sounds for all the world like the comments section at Democratic Undergarments, but Post-Katrina Idiocy again demonstrates that the more challenges America faces, the more obvious it becomes that in all dimensions, the American left has nothing constructive to offer whatsoever. Nothing.



Bells toll for the Beslan fallen.

Saturday, September 03, 2005


Assholes On Parade

Chrenkoff has 'em all in Hurricane exploitation - the quotes.

Here's my personal fave, a crowning example of the conditional compassion practised by the left, with a familiar refrain thrown in just to remind us that this particular brand of reasoning has deep cultural roots:

"The Republicans did not shirk from making political use of 9/11, and we should not shirk from reminding the country that Bush turned what should have been a mere problem into Ragnarok.

Conservatives may accuse us of lacking taste if we use this sad occasion to point out sadder facts of political life. Cable news pundits will try to pretend that now is not the time for partisan politics.

"If they say that, screw 'em.

"If the Bush-voters want Californians and New Yorkers and other blue staters to fork over dough, then they damn well had better take our words as well. Republican policies caused this catastrophe. Force them to hear that message -- again and again. That message is the price of the charity they now demand."

If such an attitude were a part of the rightwing mindset, would anything be done to help mostly Kerry-voting New Orleanians? Just more evidence of the cravenness of the American left, which thank God is not all that's left of America.

Hugh Hewitt: "I do not doubt that the full-throated attack on [the] president will continue over the long weekend. But perhaps it will grow just a bit less hate-filled, and the recovery effort a bit more energetic, if the center-right just refuses to return fire on a Labor Day weekend which occurs just as a very long labor comes into focus."


Cindy Sheehan Finally Destroyed

Sharp Marbles: Sheehan was recently downgraded from a ‘Category 5’ activist to ‘Liberal Depression’.


Post Katrina

Jim Geraghty in NRO:
"Scattered Thoughts About The Katrina Aftermath
"What kind of cold-hearted ghoul looks at the human suffering on the Gulf Coast and has the initial reaction of, “well, you have it coming for your policy choices”? Probably the same folks who had the “Yes, but” reaction to 9/11."
I prefer to call it the Rape Defense: "Look what she was wearing/doing/saying: she had it coming."

Who Made The Call?
8/28/2005, 10:48 a.m. CT
The Associated Press
"The mayor called the order unprecedented and said anyone who could leave the city should. He exempted hotels from the evacuation order because airlines had already cancelled all flights.
"Gov. Kathleen Blanco, standing beside the mayor at a news conference, said President Bush called and personally appealed for a mandatory evacuation for the low-lying city, which is prone to flooding."

It's Not Easy
I hesitate to attribute anything useful to CNN these past few days, make that years, but I like this quote from Lt. Gen. Russel Honore, who is directing the deployment of National Guard troops in NO: "If it was easy, it would have been done already."

The same article goes on to describe New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin's response to Bush's visit:
Nagin, who on Thursday night had scathing remarks for the federal government's response to the crisis, praised President Bush after Bush's trip through the region Friday. (See the mayor's demand for national leaders to 'get off their asses' -- 12:09)
Nagin said Bush was "very serious" and "very engaging" during his time in New Orleans.
"He was brutally honest. He wanted to know the truth," Nagin said. "... And we talked turkey. I think we're in a good spot now."

More as it happens.

Yr. Fthfl. Svnt.

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