Monday, September 26, 2005


Michael Yon Reports

“Deuce Four,” is on its way home.

I attended their departure ceremony, presided over by the much respected Brigade Commander, Colonel Robert Brown. Purple Hearts were awarded to soldiers wounded in action. The commander of the Deuce Four, LTC Erik Kurilla, was not there to pin the medals on his soldiers; Kurilla was the last Deuce Four solider wounded in Iraq, and was recovering from three gunshot wounds. All told, the 1-24th infantry regiment earned over 157 Purple Hearts during their mission in Mosul.

I thank these men for doing what Canada's ruling Liberals are loath to even acknowledge is necessary; standing up for my freedoms.

Viva Deuce Four and Michael Yon.

Hi Michael,

It's nice to see that they are being honored for their work and dedication.

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