Wednesday, November 25, 2009


The Navy SEAL Thing

What an abomination. The Navy SEALs who caught the evil bastard responsible for the 2004 Fallujah bridge massacre are facing court marshall for allegedly splitting the evil bastard's lip.

Here's a photo of the evil bastard's handiwork. Idiots call this "porn" because they hate facing its stark reflection of the wages of their ideology. I call it a moment in history that clearly defined the moral chasm between dirtbags like Kos and his devoted fans who hate America and their fellow Americans who defend their right to do so.

I've gotten major flack for observing in reference to the above scene that no-one does desecration like a street full of angry Arabs. Obviously, I was wrong, and I apologize without reservation. For as the above photo attests, the Sunni Arab children dancing beneath the charred body of an American contractor hanging from the bridge to Fallujah are anything but angry; indeed, they are obviously filled with joy.

My apologies for not being perfectly clear on that.

According to a Rush Limbaugh caller today (scroll to the second caller), this is payback to the SEALs for breaking the ROE in the Mersk rescue mission. If so, it lines up perfectly with General Casey's statement after the Fort Hood massacre that "diversity" is more important than the lives of his troops.

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