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Fun With Numbers
From Protein Wisdom, a look at the idiot left's new math, which serves as the rationale for their "scaredy-cat rightwinger" drivel:

It seems the latest approach is that, hell it’s no big deal if 3,000 people get killed, look at the statistics! Oddly enough this rationalization isn’t used when discussing the military deaths in Iraq...

...What I find most cynical about this argument is that, a) I don’t believe for a second its proponents are serious, and b) it is the kind of argument that trades a sense of national purpose for the luxury of not being at all inconvenienced—all while asserting, if only obliquely, that the ideals we are fighting to protect are negotiable and can be best determined by a cost / benefit analysis that takes no stock in such outmoded intangibles as national unity, doing what we feel is “right,” or doing what—for the purposes of freedom and liberty—really must be done.

Yes, it's fun with numbers, the Zundel/Keegstra/Ahmadinjad/leftist idiot way. Read at all here.

My Brother's Keepers, cont'd.
One of the idiot left's most repugnant themes is what I call the "rape defense", which is the stupefying argument that "the victim had it coming", the victim(s) being, for example, the U.S. and her citizens on 9/11, or Israelis murdered by a self-detonating Palestinian or a Katyusha rocket, or American contract workers burned alive and desecrated in Fallujah (No-one does desecration like a street full of angry Arabs. Sad but true.). Its adherents on the left are legion: Kos, Ward Churchill, Bob Laurence, and now former Democrat operative Mike Whitney who, along with the reprehensible Laurence, says that Steve Centanni and Olaf Wiig, kidnapped by Islamofascists in Gaza, deserve no assistance because they work for FOX News.

FOX has become successful because it gives conservatives a voice they don't have on other networks. This drives the left and the MSM insane; they simply don't want us on (and in) the right to have any voice at all, and FOX's success means they no longer control the dialogue. The result? Ratings have nosedived across the MSM, apparently making it okay for Old Media types and their idiot fans to dismiss Centanni and Wiig as somehow deserving their present situation.

Try to imagine Brit Hume declaring that members of a CBS crew kidnapped by the same thugs were, ahem, on their own. Whereas the same thing coming from the MSM is truly no surprise at all.

Who Knew?
Egads, the French can be embarrassed:

French President Jacques Chirac said Thursday that France would commit 2,000 troops to a new international peacekeeping force in southern Lebanon. The decision breaks a stalemate that has held up the dispatch of soldiers seen by diplomats as crucial to maintaining the 11-day-old cease-fire between Hezbollah
and Israel.

...France helped broker the U.N. cease-fire and initially indicated it would commit 2,000 troops to help maintain the truce. But Chirac was chastised at home and abroad when he later said he would dispatch only 200 engineers to augment the 200 French troops serving in an existing U.N. monitoring force on the Lebanon-Israel border.

...Chirac said he hoped France's decision Thursday would spur other countries to join the force, including the United States and Britain. Both have said they are too taxed in Iraq and Afghanistan to take part.

Wait until the world is laughing at you for bailing on your own offer to lead peacekeepers into Lebanon, then declare that the "courage" it takes to finally, for once, walk your own walk should stand as a beacon to others, some of whom are, well, already busy with what you have avoided as a matter of national policy. Y'know: that fighting-Islamofascism thing.

As my father used to say, more nerve than Dick Tracy.

Tim Blair

Phillip Adams:
Like Vietnam, the Iraq war was launched with presidential lies. Like Vietnam, the Iraq war descended into a moral and military quagmire. And if Iraq seems to be less of a stuff-up, consider this fact: it’s taken just three years in Iraq for US deaths to equal the body count after six years in Vietnam.

Consider this fact, Phillip:

The death rate of American troops in Vietnam was 5.6 times that observed in Iraq.
And your little dog, too!

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