Monday, June 15, 2009


Leon Panetta: Dissent No Longer Patriotic

Welcome To The United States of Obama

Big Dick Cheney recently publicly defended the Bush administration's anti-terror and national defense policies, which Obama has been reversing to the detriment of national security. Cheney also criticized Obama's idiocy, generously describing it as "unwise in the extreme". This is known as dissent.

Until Obama was elected, dissent was trumpeted far and wide by the idiot left, even to the extent of intentionally misquoting the founders to support their self-serving assertion that "dissent is the highest form of patriotism." The implication was that the very act itself of criticizing Bush conferred upon the critic the unimpeachable, ultimate moral imperative of Patriotism, even if that criticism included such monumentally unpatriotic, irresponsible, hateful and dangerous bile as calling Bush "the real terrorist"(which excused the real "real terrorists" , and insulted their victims and surviving loved ones while advancing the left's beloved rape defense); expressly wishing for mass American casualties and, ultimately, defeat in Iraq; accusing American forces of cold-blooded murder and indiscriminate air attacks (when everyone knew Bush confined his bombing raids to weddings and day care centers); declaring the war lost, accusing General Petreus of lying to Congress: you get the picture. And of course it was all lies, knowingly dishonest as hell because that's what leftists are: dishonest.

Now we have the perfect example of that well-documented leftist treachery in no less a partisan political hack than Obama's hand-picked surrogate, CIA director Leon Panetta, who has accused Big Dick Cheney of wishing for more man-caused disasters perpetrated on the U.S. by, one must suppose, disgruntled Islamic community disorganizers fighting against American overseas contingency operations. Or, as we used to say before the new Obamaspeak, Islamofascist terrorists.

Now, why, you ask, would Obama surrogate and CIA director Leon Panetta say such a thing, when Big Dick was engaged in the heretofore unimpeachably patriotic practice of dissenting against the president? How does one take Cheney's criticisms of Obama's policies, regardless of their respective merits, and conclude that Big Dick wants another man-caused disaster against the very same people he protected from man-caused disaster for seven dangerous years?

Easy: Alinsky's Rule 13- identify, isolate, freeze and escalate. Because the concept of dissent-as-patriotism is no longer useful to the left. In fact, not only is dissent no longer Patriotic; it is now officially evil in the New United States of Obama. To criticize Obama is now the very definition of Unpatriotic. At best, it proves you're a racist. At worst, it proves you want to do harm to America, because Obama is America.

But there's another purpose being served here, and it's even more sinister: Panetta is preblaming Cheney and by association Bush, and therefore those who supported them, for the next big attack if, God forbid, one should happen. It's a typically disgusting leftist ploy, albeit one in keeping with the Obama administration's pretend policy of "transparency".

Perhaps Panetta knows something the American public should know. Perhaps Panetta knows another attack is coming and he wants to set up Cheney's criticisms of Obama's dangerous anti-terror policies as the reason it will have happened. Because you should never let a serious crisis go to waste.

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