Friday, January 27, 2006


When The World Wasn't Looking

I made the mistake of putting this subject in with others when I should have directly pointed to these four video compilations of Saddam's brutality against Iraqis, the contents of which make his promise to sue President Bush for war crimes, and the left's support of such a notion, an embarrassing obscenity. I dare anyone to witness the brutality of these tapes and still argue against taking down this abhorrently evil man with the most extreme prejudice. By these monstrous apparitions you will once and for all have the measure of Saddam Hussein, the Beast Of Baghdad.

From Clifford May at The Corner: My organization, the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, has just put up on its website, video tapes of torture and murder conducted under Saddam Hussein' regime. Be warned: The material is graphic and horrific. But as Saddam's trial resumes, the public has a right to know what crimes were committed and to see some of the evidence. This has not been possible for those whose primary news sources have been such features as Katie Couric interviewing Ramsey Clarke about the demonizing of Saddam.

For whom do you apologize?

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