Thursday, March 17, 2011


Ruthless People

My "Hillary Clinton Shows Barack Obama How It's Done" Fantasy Just May Be About To Come True

Today we learn that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is fed up with President Present over his paralysis on Lybia (also known by everyone but, well, Barack Obama, as "Libya"), and that she is angrily looking for exits.

Not happily, mind you, nor even indifferently; angrily. And you don't want Hillary angry with you. Oh no. Especially when she is in a position to destroy you after you so viciously took her down in 2008.

Now that is delicious: the Clintons are positioning themselves to deliver payback to the bird-flipping punk who, as BJ was regrettably heard to remark, would have been serving them coffee not so long ago.

Now: I am no fan of the Clintons, especially their contempt for the hired help, but I do respect their political instincts. I think they smell Obama's blood in the water after his Libya fiasco, and the leak from a Clinton insider to the is the first nibble in what could be a long and bloody feast leading up to November 2012.

Here's hoping.

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