Sunday, March 20, 2011


Reality Dawns On The Idiots

As Operation Odyssey Dawn dawns in Libya, it's time to rub the idiot left's faces in their collective idiocy, which Glenn Reynolds does with great glee. Eat crow, you idiot crow-eaters.

Obama's dishonesty was okay to the left when it just hurt Americans they hate, but now that it's goring their own oxen, it's impeachment time.

But why is Andrew Sullivan so upset? I thought he liked getting it in the squeakhole; that's what he advertised. Wouldn't getting it from Opey be his fave fantasy? After all, he slobbered all over the candidate for his promises of hopeychanginess, which Dan Reihl scores in loving retrospect. The result? Sully was had like all the other idiots.

That's what makes them idiots.

This isn't rocket surgery, folks.

Bonus link: If Bush and Cheney were guilty of war crimes, then Obama is too. Who says? Ralph Nader, that's who!

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