Sunday, February 20, 2011


A Wisconsin Conversion

Via Fritzworth at Ace's comes this YouTube video from Saturday's Madison, Wisconsin TEA Party rally. The story is in the notes that accompany the video.

Hear the whistle blowing in the background through the whole thing? That would be the teachers and union protestors trying to interrupt or interfere with the the Pledge of Allegiance. Not unlike many who do the same when it's recited during school. This is a full description of my experience at the protest and rally on capitol square in Madison, WI, on 2/20/2011.

I wandered to the capitol after the Polar Plunge to see what it was like for myself. My husband and I walked the square, listened to the union speakers protesting against the bill, and then went to listen to the supporters. We had never been to a political protest or rally before. It was a beautiful day, with positive people, in a supportive atmosphere. We walked by displays set up by several socialist groups, and doctors giving fraudulent notes to teachers so they can get paid with taxpayer money for protesting. I was very surprised and disturbed by this.

At the rally supporting the bill we agreed with most of what we heard, especially "Joe the Plummer" and the last young woman who spoke: they seemed to say everything we hear around our kitchen table and from friends and family in our everyday lives.

But then there was the mob that everyone had to go through to get to and from the area for the support rally. I wish I had video taped trying to leave. I had no sign, and was not an active participant - but I experienced first-hand the intimidation and hostility of either union mercenaries, or even worse, of the good people who have been getting whipped into an exhausted and desperate state by the union sponsored liberal rhetoric and atmosphere.

They stood blocking the way, leaving only a narrow two-person-wide space for thousands to funnel through. It was scary, claustrophic, and made me feel panicked. They glared, yelled, and one guy pushed me so hard I flew two feet forward. I thought my husband was going to lose it, so we stopped and just stood to the side where we were. I watched a lot of people from the rally pass in front of me experiencing the same thing. I saw middle class, working class people who looked liked my sister, my mother, my son or daughter, my neighbors... being taunted and intimidated by a mob hoping to provoke mayhem or violence. I looked for police help to secure a path or help with our exit, but I only saw them standing in isolated clusters amongst themselves, the nearest over 50 feet away from the crowd.

As a member of the union, I'm ashamed and horrified. As a public school teacher, I'm confused and disheartened to see so many people I admire support this behavior and even worse: join in pimping our children to further their political agenda. As the daughter of a police officer, I'm heartbroken to experience their callous indifference for my safety, that I can only understand as their passive support for protestors, and which makes them complicit in the intimidation.

Well that experience has led to these two independent voters, who have been fiscally conservative but socially divided on many issues, to a new understanding of how politics, unions, and the media work. I'm glad I didn't rely on the descriptions and information from others about this issue. I saw the reality for myself, and we have both decided to stay actively involved. We will not trust or rely on any media to deliver primary information or facts. It really is true: there is biased reporting and organized, liberal oppression and hostility for all other viewpoints. I'm just little nobody wife, mom, and teacher in small town Wisconsin, and I experienced it.

Please don't believe Hitler's description of the Jews, the opponents description of his enemy, or the liberal government / media reports on conservative groups or politics. Go see for yourself.

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