Thursday, February 24, 2011


My Brother's Keepers: Homophobic Misogynist Commie Goons On Parade

Via Hot Air
In which the fleebagger supporters reveal the intolerance, anger and violence that are the left's stock in trade:

"Bad Jew! Bad Jew!"

Civility. Anyway, she had it coming:

“They’ve been comparing themselves to the Egyptians ousting Mubarak. Looks like they’re not too far off, given that they share the tendency to assault women with cameras.”

Jim Treacher on the f'n CWA goon who assaulted Tabitha Hale:

This violent creep is with the Communications Workers of America, one of the groups that protested in front of FreedomWorks today, where Tabitha works.

“Get a little bloody.” “Take ‘em down.” Assault a young woman who’s doing nothing but videotaping you. All part of the New Tone.

I know Tabitha. She’s one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. I’m sick of this crap. We get months of “Teabaggers are violent” — hell, years — when in reality, Tea Partiers have been the recipients of violence. Meanwhile, these union guys are ratcheting up the violent rhetoric and now actually assaulting people in broad daylight. Come on, somebody defend this violent jackass. I dare you.

Jim Geraghty: America’s unions: They hit girls!

More civility at 7:32:

Memeorandum's roundup of union-protest thuggery.

Jim Hoft: In The Last 24 Hours Dem Protesters Have Assaulted a Young Woman, Tortured a Camel, Called Opponents “Bad Jews” & Attacked Gay Black Tea Partier… They Must Be Very Proud.

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