Thursday, January 13, 2011


Obama's Tucson Speech

No man who lies through his teeth on an almost daily basis, exhorts his followers to punch back twice as hard, attack, get in their faces, kick ass, bring a gun; employs fraud, bribery and intimidation to force his will on the people; consorts with racist preachers, union thugs, criminal shakedown operations disguised as benevolent community organizations, domestic terrorists and self-professed communist revolutionaries for twenty years; who leaks sealed court documents to humiliate and destroy a political opponent; who plays the racism and class-warfare cards at the drop of a hat, who demonizes Americans as bitter clingers, angry rubes, hostage-takers -- the list is almost endless, and that’s just one man, never mind his army of followers -- no such man is in a position to lecture Americans on the virtues of principled political dialogue.

It took less than a day for Barack Hussein Obama to caution Americans against jumping to conclusions about a mass-murdering Islamic jihadist who shot to death thirteen of his U.S.Army comrades and an unborn baby, but he was only too willing to stand back and let his rabid hounds subject his political opposition to their latest wilding for days before using the Tucson campaign rally/memorial to disingenuously suggest it is time to tone things down.

This is Obama’s favorite ruse: let others do the dirty work of smearing his political opposition before swooping in cast as the Messianic Healer, He Who Stands Above It All.

Bullshit. Especially coming from the most petulant punk ever to occupy the White House.

At best his mild chiding was a nebulous mess of moral equivalency, ambiguous enough for his attack dogs to believe he was admonishing their victims on the right; no committed Obama acolyte would feel rebuked in the least by words he demonstrably does not himself believe. It would of course have been inappropriate for Obama to name names on this occasion (a fact that gave further cover to the miscreants, and which also begs the question, why would he bring it up at all?), but by then it was too late for his words to have any real meaning other than as empty platitudes. Conveniently, the damage was already done.

It’s all “do as I say, not as I do” with Obama, who through his proxies has seized on the Tucson murders as the best pretense yet for stifling freedom of expression for conservative voices in America. Obama’s invocation of our better natures is nothing but a hudna, intended to lull those he has already declared “the enemy” into a sense of false security before he lowers the boom with another slew of freedom-killing measures.

Anyone who thinks otherwise has been had by the Charlatan-In-Chief. If you don’t believe me, just wait for the next wave of smears and attacks from the left wing media complex against the American people; it won’t be long, and Obama won’t utter a word in defense of this newly discovered “civility.”

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