Wednesday, January 12, 2011


The New Narrative: Defending Oneself Against Leftist Slanders Is "Escalation"

After days of considered silence, Sarah Palin has finally responded to the liars in the MSM and the left who have visciously attempted to blame her (and by extension conservative talk radio, Fox News, TEA Partiers and everyone else they want to shut up) for the Tuscon murders, and we get this breathtakingly hypocritical bullshit from ABC's The Note:

Sarah Palin, once again, has found a way to become part of the story.

This after "Noting" that Palin was drawn into the controversy by those who fabricated it in the first place, precisely for the purpose of attacking her specifically and the right in general. Again, it takes one's breath away to ponder the monumental hypocrisy, but its authors are not alone in their thinking, which is that after all their finger-pointing, blame-laying and groundless accusations, their victims are just supposed to shut up and take being scapegoated for murder - that to do otherwise, to defend themselves and expose their accusers for the shameless liars that they are, is some kind of outrage.

To her slanderers, it's an outrage that Palin won't just take the blows and shut up about it already - no, she has to, in Howard Kurtz' typically leftist reasoning, "escalate her war with the press," implying that she first attacked them, which of course is its own falsehood and slander. There is a war going on between Sarah Palin and the left wing media, but it is in fact a war they declared on her in 2008 and have themselves escalated at every opportunity, with every fabrication and attack on her, her family, her associates, even to those millions of Americans who support her.

And by the way, Howie, isn't the phrase "escalating her war with the press" now considered over-the-top inflammatory rhetoric? The kind that gets people killed?

I have to agree with Ace's response to Kurtz and all the other goulish, obscene bastards in the left wing media complex: go fuck yourselves.

You're all going to get a huge lesson in "escalation."

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