Friday, December 17, 2010


A Crucial Victory

And the Pelosi-Reid Democrat Congress goes down in flames, with Nancy Pelosi forced to swallow the Bush tax cuts (per Levin, that's right: I said "swallow") and Harry Reid unable to pass one last monstrous voter-punishing porker of a bill. I would have preferred the Republicans walk away, but that was obviously a bridge too far.

Rich Lowry: The Pathetic End of the Pelosi/Reid Congress
Within hours, Harry Reid’s Senate couldn’t pass a porked-up, business-as-usual spending bill and Nancy Pelosi’s House ratified the Bush tax cuts. I thought the tax bill could get a left-right squeeze like the first TARP bill, but it wasn’t even close. Even before the new Congress arrives, it’s a new day in Washington.
So the Tea Party Express has pulled in to Washington, D.C. with just days to go before the "progressives" are sent packing. Only two more years to go, folks, and now you have a bit of a breeze at your backs.

Paul Ryan declares his vote against Obama's destructive tax increases and puts the idiots some f'n knowledge:

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