Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Democrat Ciphers Try Out New "Politics As Warfare" Theme Against Opponents, Appear To Be Looking In The Mirror

And by "Opponents" I mean the citizens who voted against Obama And Everything He Stands For on November 2; of course, these fools even now do not understand their present position.

They think it's still just a propaganda game between them and the Republicans in Congress, one to be played out in the MSM. They haven't made the connection that the new crop of Republicans have come to Washington to represent their constituents. Nor do they understand that they are laughably transparent in their grand projections, as detailed by Power Line in Politics As Warfare:
In fact, if one were looking for over-the-top political rhetoric, Democratic politicians and pundits would provide a far more fertile field than Republicans. The soon-to-be-departed Alan Grayson alone has outdone the entire Republican Party. It was a Democratic radio network, not a Republican one, that featured assassination humor; it is a Democratic cable news channel, not a Republican one, that peddles hysteria and brands anyone who disagrees as the "worst person in the world." It is Democrats, not Republicans, who are so lost in a fog of hatred that more than one-third of them say that September 11 was an inside job.
Read it all, and pray for more of this.

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