Monday, October 11, 2010


Obama's Illegal Foreign Campaign Donations Now An Election Issue

So, finally: Obama has evoked the eeeeevil Karl Rove as the latest diversion from his record in the run up to the coming November Slaughter.

Obama falsely accuses Rove of surreptitiously funding, with foreign contributions, shadowy political organizations which hide their real agenda behind innocuous-sounding labels, as Obama puppetmaster George Soros does for the Center For American Progress, Think Progress, Media Matters, and many others of the very sort Obama hints at. Obama is also slandering the Chamber of Commerce, falsely accusing them of illegally spending foreign donations on domestic politics.

Think about that. Why would he set such an obvious trap for himself, on two fronts, when his own election campaign accepted millions in illegal foreign contributions as documented by the New York Post and others? Why would he risk opening that subject for national discussion three weeks before the midterm elections?

Recall Instapundit here as Michael Barone also weighs in.

Power Line: Remembering Obama's Dirty Money

and Desperate Times Demand Despicable Conduct

Really, I'm beginning to think Obama's credibility is finally, mercifully and thankfully shot to hell, but that he has no idea. The question is, how will he react when that finally dawns on him?

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