Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Kos To Kostards: I'm So F'n Stupid

Via Cuffy comes The case study in Palin Derangement Syndrome, wherein Kos, PBS' Gwen Ifill and others wear their historical illiteracy on their sleeves for all to see. More proof, as if any were needed, that to be a leftist, you have to be an idiot.

Note to Kos and 'tards: that burning sensation in your cheeks? That's the heat generated by your brain realizing its own stupidity.

Ifill tries to headfake away her stupidity, but it ain't workin'.

Kos will probably just keep his idiot melon down until it blows over; that's just what you do when you're wrong every. Fucking. Day.

The Good Michelle: The significance of 1773: Moron leftists mock Palin, embarrass themselves.

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