Thursday, October 21, 2010


George Soros Behind The Juan Williams Firing

Michelle Malkin sees George Soros behind NPR's firing of Juan Williams. So do I.

It's not surprising, really: George Soros just pumped $1.8 million into NPR to hire bounty hunters to go after Fox News, and this is the first evidence of a return on his investment in shutting down freedom of speech in America. George Soros has also, for the first time, publicly donated another mil to Media Matters (he's been secretly donating to MM for years, but he's apparently decided it's time to go public), and to the HuffPo for the same purpose - to "get" Fox News.

So Juan Williams is the first casualty in George Soros' war on Fox.

But George Soros has not just declared war on Fox - he has declared war on America, on the American people, on the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, on the very idea of America. To fight that war, he bought Think Progress, Media Matters,, the Center for American Progress, the Apollo Alliance, the Tides Foundation, ACORN, the Huffington Post and more. He bought the Democrat Party, and he bought Barack Hussein Obama.

And now the war is on, right out in the open, and Americans are watching it all unfold just in time for November 2.

The choice on November 2 is clear: You can vote Republican, or you can vote for George Soros.

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