Saturday, October 02, 2010


Eco-Nazi Propaganda Piece Backfires

Here is an eternal truth: totalitarians will only put up with resistence for so long, after which it's time to just start killing those who resist. In this case, it's a bunch of environazis in a group called "1010" who are putting you on notice that if you don't share their beliefs, buy into their program, accept their propaganda, well, they'll kill you. Or your kids.

This is the way it starts, as a masturbatory power fantasy in which all that is required to enforce the narrative is a simple matter of pushing a button. In Hitler's time it was a simple matter of firing up the oven. You get the gist.

The basic idea is always the same: you get with the program or else. You have no choice. Should you try to exercise choice, we will shed your blood.

Thankfully, in this age of instant worldwide communication, such wretched propaganda exercises are immediately exposed as the horrors that they are to millions of people who would otherwise miss the threat until it's too late. Now? Not so much.

They've now apologized, you see, to anyone they may have offended. Which is really no apology at all - it's just another way of saying they're sorry they got caught exercising their totalitarian tendencies. Here's Drew M. at AoSHQ to distill it all down to the truth of the matter:
I don't think they should apologize at all. I think they should be applauded for an honest and forthright statement of their beliefs...people are the problem and those who stand in the way of 'progress' will be removed.

This isn't anything new, progressive and totalitarian regimes have been killing their enemies (in propaganda and in fact) for years. Once you've identified those who are responsible for all the ills befalling everyone else, it's only logical that the state be empowered to remove them.

Better to have it on the table than not.

Once again, this demonstrates that the best way to find out what a leftist is really thinking is to pay attention to what they accuse the right of doing. People on the left never tire of accusing the right of fear mongering and creating enemies. Yet here we have a clear picture of who environuts think are the true who won't get with the program.

Just for fun, do you think they could have gotten a guy like Curtis or all those celebrities to participate in a video warning of the dangers of expansionist Islam? Imagine if it featured suicide bombers chanting "Allahu Akbar"? Of course not. And if they did somehow pull it off, the UK police would have arrested them on a hate crime charge.

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