Thursday, October 14, 2010


Delicious: Americans Demonstrate Their Support For Obama's Attacks On Karl Rove By Donating 13 Million Dollars To Karl Rove

Via The Daily Caller

The Evil Genius Strikes Again:

American Crossroads, a Republican organization founded by Karl Rove and former RNC chief Ed Gillespie, is reaping the benefits that come with receiving criticism from an administration polling below 50%. Since the White House began attacking the conservative group last week for not disclosing their donors, the organization has raised $13.3 million — destroying their original fundraising goals and allowing them to target traditionally “low-risk” Democrat House seats…

Many of these donations came as a positive response to the administration’s targeted vitriol. A $250 donation from an unnamed physician, for example, came with the comment, “President Obama made me aware of you and I’m sure I’m not alone. Good luck and get the GOP as many as they can win.”…

In the wake of such a large influx of money, American Crossroads, its affiliate Crossroads GPS and two other conservative groups will be collectively dedicating $50 million to defeat Democrats in a “House surge.”

This week the group is laying down $2 million in eight house districts including NY-20, NY-22, NY-25, OH-18, HI 1, CA 3, IN-2, FL-22. “These are seats where Democrats until now thought they were safe. One of them, for example, NY-22, has not had a competitive campaign since 1992,” Collegio said.
Spake the Evil One:

The president has done an excellent job of joining me in helping to raise money for American Crossroads and I want to thank he, vice president Biden, David Axelrod, - Mr. Gibbs played a minor role in that, I assume - and I appreciate their help in raising this thirteen point three million dollars. We're going to put it to good use to defeat Democrats who have supported the president's agenda...

Thirteen point three million in receipts: thank you very much, mister president.

This is not about Karl Rove; this is about the American voter today, bypassing the Republican machine yet aggressively shelling out increasingly hard-earned dollars to specific candidates to defeat Obama's anti-American agenda. Recognizing this, Rove and Gillespie formed a group of political attack machines patterned after the left's very effective template, and conservative Americans are embracing this fabulous new convenience in their political arena.

American entrepreneurship once again wins the day.

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