Wednesday, September 01, 2010


Welcome To The Party, Joe!

It took a while, as these things will from time to time until the old machine is finally put to rest, but Tea Party candidate and Sarah Palin endorsee Joe Miller has beaten incumbant Lisa Murkowski in the Alaska Republican primary.

And the Tea Party Express rolls on.

The Other McCain via American Spectator: It's Miller Time, America!
Miller’s victory was a vindication for a lot of people who have grown tired of seeing the GOP act as accomplices to the remorseless expansion of federal power. The campaign succeeded in large measure because the Tea Party movement has turned long-simmering conservative discontent with big-government Republicanism into an organized national force. Ever since the 2008 TARP bailout of Wall Street — for which Murkowski voted — more and more GOP voters have joined the insurgency that helped fuel the Miller campaign in accomplishing a rare thing: The defeat of an incumbent senator in a Republican primary. . . .

63 days.

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