Friday, September 24, 2010


Dim Bulbs Send More Jobs Overseas

Via Planet Gore

Leftist idiots complain all the time about evil, greedy rich business owners sending jobs overseas.

Since Democrats in Congress, responding to the envirobitch lobby, outlawed conventional bulbs and mandated the new, poison and short-life compact florescent bulbs, I wonder where the outrage was when GE announced it was closing its last remaining U.S. plant that manufactured conventional light bulbs, to move it to China?

Oh, that's right: shut up. Too close to the subject of the unintended (albeit fully anticipated by adults) consequences of idiotic legislation forced on unwilling consumers in the name of saving the Big Milf.

Like most idiotic legislation passed in the name of the environment, the switch to CFBs will do net damage to the environment, once again proving it's not about the environment -- it's about controlling the peasants.

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