Friday, May 14, 2010


Obama's Criticism Of Harriet Miers Rises From The Memory Hole

Via Hot Air and thanks to Breitbart and Naked Emperor News, who uncovered this nugget that showcases Obama's monumental hypocrisy on Supreme Court nominees. Here he is talking about Harriet Miers' shortcomings as a nominee, which coincidentally almost perfectly align with those of political operative Elena Kagen:

Remember when he acknowledged that Roberts and Alito were super-qualified but insisted he had to vote no because they didn’t have enough “empathy” ‘n stuff? Remember how he actually voted to filibuster Alito, a move that would have our low-rent in-the-tank national media reaching for smelling salts if the GOP pulled it against Kagan? All of that was Obama’s way of sucking up to his base ahead of his presidential campaign; what a joy to be able to use it — and this — against him now for a nominee whom even his biggest toady in the blogosphere describes as embodying “a new level of utter blankness.” Think the bit about being extra forthcoming still holds?

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