Tuesday, May 04, 2010


Times Square Bomber Not A Tea Partier; Contessa Brewer, Other Left Wing Bigots Hardest Hit

Radio Equalizer Brian Maloney reports on MSLSD moronette Contessa Brewer's abject stupidity as she decries the fact that the Times Square bomber was not a Tea Partier, or at the very least a homegrown angry white guy.

How's that for irony? Maloney:

So much for the white male "tea partier" fantasy our left-wing state run media friends had projected right into the Times Square bombing attempt. With the bad news delivered today in the form of a suspect with Pakistani ties, "progressives" are crying into their soy lattes.

Admitting this out loud, however, is another story. Isn't this thought process better kept to one's self? Not to MSNBC's Contessa Brewer, who apparently thought libtalk was a safe place to reveal her anti-American agenda.
Of course, Mayor Bloomberg and Fox leftard strategerist Blob Beckel are on the same bandwagon.

The good news is that now there is no safe place for this sort of bigoted drivel, which I encourage these idiots to go right on expressing every chance they get.

Every such attack renews the left-wing/media complex's hate-based hope that the perpetrator will be a "crazed conservative", and the expectation on the right, based on years of empirical evidence, that it is in fact the work of a jihadist. As Jonah Goldberg points out, the left's hateful hopes are destructive in more ways than one:
This liberal tendency is not just offensive because it assumes that American citizens – including vets – are somehow an under-appreciated terrorist threat. Though that is plenty awful in and of itself.

It is also disgustingly undemocratic. Why? because so many of these people, starting with Obama himself but including former Presidents Clinton and Carter, the Democratic Party, the editorial pages of the New York Times, and much of the rest of the liberal dominated media, use this talk about the “rhetorical climate” on the right as a means to bully it into silence. That’s what Obama did in his recent commencement address and that’s what hundreds of commentators and bloggers have been doing in response to the tea parties.

They’re saying, “You people need to shut up because you’re aiding and abetting terrorists.” They’re also trying to say to independents: “If you think the rightwingers are persuasive, you need to think again. They’re all just mouthpieces and stalking horses for the homegrown terrorists and the mentally deranged.”

And, last, it’s also dangerous. Not because it will breed frustration and anger among Americans who feel unfairly demonized for simply voicing their objections (though if liberals really believe the nonsense they spew about conservatives, they might ponder that). No, it’s dangerous because it causes the country to look for terrorists where they aren’t while telling them not to look for them where they are.
All of which pretty neatly sums up just how hateful and ruthless the Obama-led left really is.

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