Thursday, May 13, 2010


Fighting The New Hollywood Black List

Andrew Klavan cites the obvious in City Journal:
Over the last 40 years, leftism has failed in every particular but one: it has succeeded in demonizing the opposition.

Leftists will blacklist you—and then if you complain, they’ll attack you for whining. They will call you a racist and compare your leaders to Hitler—and then if you return the insult, they’ll scream about the decline of civility. They will do everything in their power to cut you off from media and artistic outlets—and then when you create outlets of your own, they will savage them for their bias. Like the mobster in a Raymond Chandler novel, they will beat your teeth out, then kick you in the stomach for mumbling.

As a result of leftists’ success in marginalizing dissenting opinions, nothing now creates a greater commotion in modern American discourse than speaking the obvious truth.

Tea Partiers have experienced this for over a year now, as Americans both inside and outside that movement are beginning to realize the sheer nastiness of leftist intolerance, which goes right to the top in the person of Obama. Klavan's point is what that nastiness is doing to Hollywood and entertainment in general, and how the Right is fighting back with courage, honesty and adherence to its principles.

Read the rest: The Sky is Blue, but the List is Black

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