Monday, April 26, 2010


TIME Misremembers

Time magazine, ever at work offending half its potential customer base, is pretending to have found a cryptic reference to Guy Fawkes in this brilliant video from the Republican Governors Association:

What else could it possibly mean but what Time says it does: that Rethuglicans are fanning the flames of violent revolution by invoking the memory of a British terrorist in the run-up to the November election/ass-kicking? Ridiculous, I know, but hey: while we are on the subject, Jack M. "remembers" a song that explicitly invokes the memory of Guy Fawkes. Who wrote it, you ask?
It was probably one of those red-neck, sons-bitches like Toby Keith or Lee "God Bless the USA" Greenwood, wasn't it? Or maybe Taylor Swift. She seems like she's too "clean-cut" and "wholesome" to be real. She's the last person you would suspect of being in a militia, which means, of course, that she probably is.
The answer will surprise no-one familiar with leftist idiots' boundless hypocrisy.

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