Friday, April 16, 2010


Patriots 4, Alinsky Thugs 0 UPDATED

Via Power Line

Jim Hoft reports that leftist haters were driven off after being caught trying to infiltrate and sabotage Tea Party rallies in St. Louis, San Francisco, Oceanside and Greensboro. Now it's time to run the bastards down, starting with this bastard right here. If you know anything about him, e-mail Jim at

Two Tea Party crashers have been identified by Bob McCarty: Steve Belosi of Lake Saint Louis, MO, and John Durajczyk of St Peters, MO. Both are businessmen, so if you live in their community and would like to organize a boycott here is their information:

Steve Belosi
Eagle Marketing Inc
3008 Oakvilla Manor Ct.
Saint Louis, MO 63129-3010
(314) 845-0850

John Durajczyk
Faithfully Yours Apparel
6209 Mid Rivers Mall Dr
St Peters, MO 63304-1102
Phone: (636) 928-1570

This is not about harrassing them or doing to them what they do to innocent people. This is just so you can avoid doing business with them and I encourage you to tell others about that and why. This is how we will disempower them and take them down: let everyone know who they are and what they do, and boycott their businesses.

Rules for radicals, baby.

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