Sunday, April 18, 2010


Instapundit On The Democrats: "This Is Who They Are, And This Is What They Do"

Boy, are the statists getting desperate. Instapundit Glenn Reynolds:
Meanwhile, remember how the left went crazy over Ari Fleischer’s advice to “watch what you say?” But now Bill Clinton is comparing Tea Partiers to Tim McVeigh and proffering rather Fleischeresque advice. Maybe Clinton should watch what he says, when it comes to branding large numbers of nonviolent Americans as terrorists. But this statement serves as a useful reminder to those who have come to think of Clinton as some sort of cuddly, not-so-bad figure. He was a demagogue who would say whatever he thought might work when he was President, and he still is.
Here Reynolds cites analysis by Byron York, John Hinderaker and even George Stephanopoulos as Bill Clinton links the Oklahoma bomber to today's opponents of Obama's radical agenda. Says Reynolds of the Democrats' flailing:
Lies and smears aimed at their fellow Americans, for short-term political gain. This is who they are, and this is what they do. It worked better, however, when there were fewer alternative channels of communication, and when their character was less well-known.

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