Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I Do Think At A Certain Point You've Done Enough Damage UPDATED

Via AP
Opey flashes his Marxist undies at his hand-picked multitude; Real Clear Politics has the vuhdeo:

He told Joe The Plumber he wanted to spread the wealth around, which he certainly has in the tens of trillions once it's all tallied up, so you can't say he isn't serious. I mean come on: Obama has absolutely screwed you, your kids and their kids.

So when he says he thinks that at a certain point you've made enough money? It probably means that, in his mind, you already have. And now it's time to fork it over, baby.

But please, pay no attention to the Obamas' 2009 income statements.

Remember in November, all you Guy Fawkes-worshipping Tim McVeigh wannabes.

Scott Johnson adds to the picture: At some point you have grabbed enough power
The Good Michelle also weighs in: Barack Obama, America’s Selective Salary Policeman

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