Friday, April 16, 2010


Changing The Narrative

Via Newsbusters

Andrew Breitbart exposes the Alinsky tactics of the MSM and its leftwing acolytes every chance he gets. On Tax Day, it was near the Washington Monument in Washington, D.C. Andrew ripped into the MSM, highlighting MSLSD's racebaiting Contessa Brewer, who cropped an image of a black man carrying weapons at a Tea Party in service to the MSM-leftist lie that Tea Partiers are violent racists, and the vicious treatment of Clarence Thomas by Democrats and their allies in the old media.

There is no need for an old media that continues to employ lies, slander and hatred to silence the very people they pretend to serve. The MSM is still alive, but it is literally staggering in the face of wholesale rejection by mainstream America. Andrew Breitbart's life ambition is to deal the death blow to these miscreants, and Americans should support him by turning them off and tuning them out.

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