Sunday, March 28, 2010


Zero Hour

In America and Israel: Tick, Tock, Paul Rahe games Obama's trashing of U.S. relations with Israel and his implicit blessing of Iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons based on an all-too-familiar template.
There are two brute facts that are pertinent. First, like Hitler’s remilitarization of the Rhineland, Ahmadinejad’s acquisition of nuclear weapons and long-range missiles would profoundly alter the balance of power. Is there anyone who seriously thinks that, when it had a relatively free hand, the Islamic Republic of Iran would conduct its affairs in the manner of a saturated power? In assessing the significance of what is about to take place, one must keep in mind the strategic importance of the Persian Gulf and just how large a percentage of the oil that fuels the world economy is exported through that narrow body of water.

The second brute fact is no less easy to discern: In matters such as the one that concerns us here, diplomacy is bound to be ineffectual if it is not backed by a credible threat that, if one’s requests are refused, one will resort to force.
Rahe concludes that Obama has abandoned that post and left it to the Israelis. Read it all.

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