Thursday, March 25, 2010


Democrats Cry Crocodile Tears Over Unsubstantiated "Violence"

Remember how Steny Hoyer, Nancy Pelosi, Bawney Fwank, Jesse JACKsnnnn Junior and all the little Dems and the MSM howled with outrage at the extensively documented beating of Kenneth Gladney by Obama's SEIU pigs while they called him a nigger?

I know. I can't either, because they didn't. Instead, they ignored it in order to establish the lie that it did not happen, when everyone knows it did and everyone knows what Democrats are responsible for.

But a few baseless charges levelled against mysterious right-wing thugs whose stealth puts Lamont Cranston to shame gets all these liars into a feigned fit of indignation and earns headlines in all the idiot media. It's the most limp-dicked theater ever, and Americans see right through it.

Here's just a sampling of John Hinderaker's withering attack on the shameless hypocrisy of these evil charlatans, who must be cast out from the American body politic in November:
Today's big news story, along with the epic debate on health care taking place in the Senate, is the Democrats' claim that some of their Congressmen have been threatened with violence after voting for the government's takeover of health care. Steny Hoyer claims that more than ten House members "have reported incidents of threats or other forms of harassment." He also admits that figure is "just an estimate," which I guess means he made it up. Nor is it clear what "other forms of harassment" means; angry phone calls from constituents, perhaps.

We condemn political violence in virtually all circumstances; certainly in all circumstances that could arise in our democracy. Threats of violence, sadly, are not uncommon in politics; let alone "harassment." Even insignificant conservatives like us have been threatened with violence on several occasions, and the linked article notes that Jim Bunning received threats after he temporarily held up the extension of unemployment benefits a few weeks ago.

The current threats (assuming they are real, as I assume some of them are) are being played up in the press because the Democrats want to dampen the anger that has erupted over their adoption of a government medicine program through a series of legislative maneuvers that are in some respects unprecedented. It is important for the Democrats and their press minions to understand that there are many millions of Americans who regard Obamacare not just as misguided public policy, but as an illegitimate usurpation of power. I am one of the many millions who are outraged at the Left's attempt to destroy the private health care system that has served my family so well, and who regard Obamacare as illegitimate.

As for the threats, we will take them more seriously if they result in the cancellation of a public appearance by a liberal due to security concerns. But that never happens to liberals, only to conservatives. It happened again last night. That was in Canada, of course; the home of government medicine and little regard for free speech. No coincidence, that.
None whatsoever. Canada's speech laws are stupifyingly restrictive to everyone who doesn't share the views of those ranting dullards attacking Coulter, self-styled "radicals" who don't even have the balls to listen to her in the warm, safe confines of their own house. And yet, you can bet your last nickel there isn't a one of these little Hitlers who doesn't demand all the protections of the United States Constitution for captured Islamist illegal enemy combatants plotting to murder more Americans in the name of Allah.

It's true: Ann Coulter is That Bad.

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