Friday, March 12, 2010



JWF notices the idiotsphere's strange silence on the subject of the Jersey Jihadi. Strange because, given the examples of flying commie Joseph Stack and Pentagon shooter and registered Democrat John Patrick Bedell, both of whom the idiots lamely tried to pawn off to the world as tea partiers (insert donkey laugh here), there is nary a peep from the idiots about young al Qaeda operative Sharif Mobley from New Jersey, who shot up a hospital and murdered a security guard in Yemen, obviously the act of yet another deranged right wing extremist tea partier, yay?

But no: that dog isn't barking. Now why do you suppose that is?

Could it be because before young al Qaeda operative Sharif Mobley left New Jersey for the freedom-washed Yemeni shores, he campaigned for Democrat governor John Corzine? Perhaps it's the revelation that he worked at three different NJ nuclear power plants as a maintenance contractor (no doubt collecting intelligence for his future al Qaeda-in-Yemen homies, the same friendly folks who sent Abdulmutallab on Christmas Day)?

Wouldn't be prudent to attract any inconvenient dot-connecting by calling attention to someone like that now, would it? On the other hand, you can take this comment from The Good Michelle to the bank:
If he had campaigned for Chris Christie, it would be front-page news and fodder for the Krugman/Olbermann/Tea Party-bashing nutroots convergence.
True dat. But then Islamist time bombs typically hang out with their ideological brethren on the left before finally going off on their common targets.

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