Monday, January 11, 2010


Quotes Of The Day

Alvin S. Felzenberg at The Corner:

[Harry] Reid is but the latest in a long line of walking embarrassments the Democrats continue to parade on the national stage. The cast includes a Treasury secretary (Timothy Geithner) who did not pay all his taxes; a nominee to head the Transportation Security Administration (Erroll Southers) who abused his authority as an FBI agent when he hacked into the criminal record of his wife’s boyfriend; and a White House budget director (Peter Orszag) who recently fathered a child out of wedlock, while serving a president who lectures about the tragedy of absentee fathers.

In political terms, the GOP might be advised to cease calling for Reid’s resignation. Like Orszag and the others, he can do Republicans the most good right where he is.

From Behind The Golden EIB Microphone:

It is really, really bad for the Democrats out there all over the country electorally. In Massachusetts, the pollsters are kind of coalescing around the idea that Martha Coakley is going to win, but Scott Brown keeps raising money, big-time money. The fact that the Democrats are having to fight this hard... I mean, they're sending the union troops in there! The fact that the Democrats are having to fight at all for Ted Kennedy's seat! Wouldn't it be the most delicious irony if the Ted Kennedy seat were lost, preventing health care from passing?

Now, I know that the Democrats, if Scott Brown wins, are going to delay his swearing in until after the health care vote. They'll delay it a couple of months if they have to, an emergency change to the law, but everybody's going to see this. The Democrats are now running naked through the streets. There's no cover. Everybody sees them for who they are: Job destroyers, private sector destroyers.

The Scott Brown Campaign, Red Against Blue:
Thank you! $1,303,302.50 raised!
I think I'll call this phenomenon "The Brown Note": you strike a chord with the American people and the entire left shits itself.

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