Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Self Delusion For Idiots

It's remarkable to see how weirdly self-delusional Media Madders is today, protesting all over the place that Scott Brown's victory yesterday had nothing to do with Obamacare, especially when Brown declared at every campaign appearance that he would be the Republicans' 41st vote against Obama's massive and corrupt government takeover of health care insurance (no link - not now, not ever.).

Even ignoring that fact, all Media Madders has to do is listen to what Democrats from Jim Webb to Bawney f'n Fwank are saying this morning as they distance themselves from their erstwhile Messiah. Or they could refer to this New York Times story on how Dems are abandoning en mass Nancy Pelosi's plans for an Obamacare cramdown. Or they can listen to Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY):

Or they could consult the Wall Street Journal:

The White House insists that the election had nothing to do with health care. But Mr. Brown ran explicitly on a promise to be the 41st Senator against ObamaCare. "I can stop it,'' he declared in one debate.

Massachusetts passed a prototype of the Obama plan in 2006, and residents have since watched as their insurance premiums have risen to the highest in the nation, budget costs have soared, and bureaucrats are planning far more draconian regulation of medical practice. Mr. Brown accurately said the national sequel would be too expensive and reduce the quality of care, and that it would be a "raw deal" forcing Massachusetts taxpayers to subsidize all other states.

It's telling, too, that at his rally for Mrs. Coakley on Sunday, Mr. Obama mentioned health care only by implication. The Commander in Chief did find time to deride Mr. Brown's pickup truck—six separate times. Mrs. Coakley also didn't mention health care in her final TV ad. The Democratic Party's top priority had become such a political albatross that Democrats didn't dare mention it lest it drive more votes to Mr. Brown.
How's about today's TNR?
There were no network exit polls, only a limited sample by Rasmussen, but some of the polls taken beforehand bear out Obama’s role in Coakley’s defeat. In the final January 17 poll by Public Policy Polling, a Democratic-leaning North Carolina outfit that picked up Brown’s surge early in the month, 20 percent of the respondents who voted for Obama in 2008 said they’d vote for Brown. Among those voters, only 22 percent approved of Obama’s presidency, and only 13 percent backed his health care plan. (Click here to read Thomas B. Edsall: "Why Health Care is the Graveyard of Democratic Dreams.")

In fact, the percent of 2008 Obama voters who were backing Brown almost perfectly matched the percentage who were dissatisfied with Obama’s health care plan, which Brown himself singled out for criticism in his campaign. According to the Rasmussen exit sample, 52 percent of Brown voters rated health care as their top issue--a clear indication that they were viewing the election in national and not merely state terms.

Some things never change, and Media Madders is still proving that you have to be an idiot to believe their Soros-funded propaganda.

The truth is that Scott Brown's election in Massachusetts was a referendum on Obama's entire disastrous presidency, including and perhaps especially Obamacare.

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