Thursday, January 21, 2010


Post-Brown Dems: Let's Play Pretend While Continuing To Wreck The Economy And Expand State Controls

Now that Washington Democrats and their MSM sycophants have realized what a thumping they're going to take in just Eight Short Months, they are suddenly trumpeting the lie that they're all about working across the aisle with their GOP colleagues. It's the first thing reporters asked Scott Brown about at his presser today, and the hyper-partisan John F'n Kerry, who fought in Vietnam and was heard just two days ago deriding Brown's supporters as "teabaggers", lectured Brown in front of reporters that the way to get along in Washington is to "reach across the aisle" and work on a bipartisan basis.

This is in sharp contrast to Kerry, Pelosi, Reid and of course Captain Wonderful himself ignoring Republicans for an entire year and declaring that, no matter who won in Massachusetts, Obamacare will pass come hell or high water.

So watch: it won't be long before Democrats prove all their talk of "reaching across the aisle" is the same lip service it always is. Because whatever Democrats might say in service to their own goals, it is by their actions ye shall know them, actions such as passing Obamacare through reconciliation, nationalizing student loans, attacking the banking industry and adding another 1.9 trillion dollars to the debt ceiling.

These bastards aren't finished by a long shot.

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