Friday, January 15, 2010


Pat Robertson, Meet Danny Glover

From Moonbattery via AoSHQ

Here I was all convinced that God (the real one, not Obama) had brought His wrath down on Haitians for making a deal with the devil to free them from the French (and really, who in their right mind wouldn't?) - that's what the Reverend Pat Robertson told me, and he's the Reverend Pat Robertson! Man of God, friends in high places, all that. Not just some crazy old guy with his head up his ass.

But now Activist, Actor and Producer Danny Glover says the Haitian earthquake was caused by the Big Milf being all pissed about the failure at Copenhagen to "stop the oceans' rise", to borrow a Messianic phrase. And hey, it's Danny Glover we're talking about here, y'know? Champion of Gaia, friends in high places, all that. Not just some self-absorbed celeb with his head up his ass. Check it out yo at 1:60:

Ace provides context:
This is why we call him "actor Danny Glover" rather than, say, "Doctor Danny Glover" or even "High-Functioning Retard Danny Glover."

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