Thursday, January 28, 2010


The Day After

Anyone thinking the past week has been bad for Obama ain't seen nothin' yet. It's as if Providence is responding to the mess that is "progressive" governance by a bunch of inept totalitarian freaks led by a monumental narcissist, and has decided to become The Divine Party Of No.

Today Barack Obama

- faced one slamdown review after another of his disgraceful STFU address;
- watched contentedly as his wholly-owned subsidiary (that would be the Senate) passed another insane increase in the debt ceiling, with the new Senator from Massachusetts still prevented from voting;
- responded to overwhelming public pressure by instructing the Justice Department to consider other venues for the 9/11 terror trial presently slated for lower Manhattan and then, as if to punish the people for their temerity,
- announced that he would not support funding the 9/11 health bill, literally abandoning the heroic first responders of 9/11.

He doesn't appear to have realized it yet, but Obama is about to discover that being president involves facing real criticism without the luxury of being able to blame someone else, usually a straw man who can't answer back, and quite often an honorable man who won't. His strategy for dealing with opposition appears not to have evolved from his days as a champion of entitlement (what "progressives" call a "community organizer" and conservatives call "a parasite"), when his solution to almost every problem could be found in Alinsky's Rules For Radicals, namely, the Chicago Way: punch back twice as hard.

But reality is fast gaining.

Obama's answer to the little people is to tell them to sit down and shut up. Get out the way or he'll run you over, anddon'tthinkhewon'tbecausehejustdidittotheSupremeCourt, biatch.

And yet the man can't even bend a massive two-house majority to his will for anything more substantial than another excruciating hour of slow motion teleprompter ping-pong signifying nothing.

I believe the decision to move the KSM trial to parts yet unknown does not reflect a material change in Obama's thinking but instead constitutes a retreat, because that is what Obama does in the face of real opposition: he folds. He talks tough, but he folds. He has caved to Iran's leaders with nary a peep and dithered on Afghanistan for months. He twice made a fool of himself and the U.S. at Copenhagen and handed Eastern Europe and American missile defence to Russia on a silver platter. He bows to every head of government he meets (except Queen Elizabeth who, having seen it all, probably couldn't care less).

The lesson to one and all, including the surging citizens' rebellion and, I suspect, more than one NY Democrat Senator, is that Obama is really a thin-skinned bully who has never faced as implacable a foe as an Islamist thug, Chuck Schumer or an informed electorate, and whose "you have Me" bravado falls apart under serious pressure - I mean, this is a guy who needs a Presidential podium, twin teleprompters and a sloganeering backdrop just to chair a committee meeting or hold a presser in a grade six classroom.

As a result, The People are now thinking hey: if it works for Iran, Putin, Dingy Harry, the Spending Bintch, Schumer, Bloomberg and that committee meeting, it'll work for us, too! And once Obama's idiotic plan to try KSM in Manhattan gets scuttled, other potential victims of his ideological stupidity are going to begin pushing back as well. Like they did in Massachusetts. And Virginia, and New York, and New Jersey.

President Barack Obama can pose behind a podium and reprise candidate Barack Obama all he wants, but out on the street his name is finally mud, and as long as he sticks to campaigning like it's still the heady days of 2008, it's only going to get worse for him.

And therefore better for the nation.

Mmmm mmm mmm.

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