Thursday, January 14, 2010


Coakley's Greatest Hits: The Series

Gary Hewson at Big Journalism has a new series on the wit and wisdom of Democrat 60, Martha Coakley, who today fell 4 points behind Scott Brown and looks to fall even further as her record as an idiot and a crank is illuminated by a Peoples' army communicating and coordinating across the entire country.

Martha’s Greatest Hits: The Things the Democrats Would Like You to Forget About Candidate Coakley:

So let’s be clear: Martha Coakley failed to take action against a man who molested his own niece, a child, with a curling iron until her hand was finally forced by the victim’s mother.

And that’s just the beginning.
Martha’s Greatest Hits II: Candidate Coakley and the 'Pedophile Priest'

That’s one way to make a name for yourself: let a pedophile off the hook privately so that he can molest more children, and then make a big, public conviction to take credit for your amazing work keeping children safe from…. the pedophile priest you secretly let go seven years earlier...

More to come…

No doubt.


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