Thursday, January 07, 2010


Captain Wonderful Today

Power Line on Obama's C-SPAN Lie, the consequences of which are proving decidedly disastrous:

How many times have we seen images of Barack Obama with his nose in the air, offering "hope"? Obama promised to be different--not worse, but better!--and his pledge to invite television cameras to observe behind-the-scenes legislative deliberations exemplified that image.

Today, Obama's message to voters is: "Don't tell me you actually believed that s***?!"

We didn't, but millions of those who did are feeling betrayed.

Meanwhile, over at Big Gov my favorite Professor Paul A. Rahe studies another seed of Obama's impending fall:
When this shot is shown in high resolution, as one perceptive observer soon noted, “Obama looks like he has contempt for Biden” –which, he added, may be the case “given Joe ‘The Gaff Machine’ Biden’s performance this year.” I am, he concluded, once again reminded “of how this administration seems to have become oblivious to the images they project to the public.”

I wonder whether this last point is right.

Obama and his minions are certainly capable of stumbling. Their handling of the recent attempt by Al Q’aeda to bring down a Northwest Airlines flight originating in Amsterdam is a case in point. But the posting of this photograph is by no means the first time that the current President of the United States has seized upon an opportunity to display in a manner oblique but unmistakable his disdain for another public figure.

As I tried to document last year in a series of posts on Powerline — here, here, here, here, here, and here — Barack Obama is, in fact, a master of the insulting gesture and the calculated insult.

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